Plot: A man’s true love is on the line, as she is promised to a wealthy, powerful man instead of her beloved. While he isn’t rich or powerful, the man does not want to give up on love, so he travels the countryside to find her before it is too late. On the way, he encounters what he thinks is a woman being raped, so of course he lends a hand. As he battles the supposed rapist, the damsel in distress (really a man) runs off with his suitcase. The man pushes on, only to run into a blind man and in the encounter, wind up pick pocketed. Now he has no clothes and no wallet, so he is in a real situation. But he manages to catch up with the crooks, who were part of the same gang and regains his lost possessions. He even gives the crooks a little cash, which earns their trust and they decide to help him find his girl. But that means taking on the rich man and his cadre of Mongol warriors, which is no small task. Can the man reunite with his true love, or has fate stolen his heart forever?

Entertainment Value: A lot of chop socky movies tend to be humorous, but its often because of terrible dubs that result in wild, nonsense dialogue. In the case of The Angry Dragon, the movie has a good amount of inherent comedy, but also the expected crazy dialogue from the English voice overs. The story is basic, as a man tries to prevent his love from marrying another dude, but keeps running into trials and tribulations. The cast is fine, but hard to judge since this was recorded without sound and all. The characters are mostly colorful, such as the Mongol mercenaries and the band of con men, who provide a good deal of the film’s comic relief moments. I found The Angry Dragon to be a lot of fun, though it does have some lulls from time to time. The focus is more on characters and comedy than action, but the fight scenes heat up in the final act. I don’t think this movie will convert those who don’t enjoy the genre, but for chop socky fans, its worth a look.

No nakedness. No blood either, really. A few red stains on some clothes, but I don’t really think that’s worth a point. Now comes the dialogue. The sweet, sweet dialogue. This movie is loaded with hilarious lines, thanks to the voice work and I have no idea how close it is to the intended script. But given the comedic and even silly tone at times, I doubt this is as far removed from the source as some dubs. I found a lot of great lines in The Angry Dragon, both humorous and more serious, delivered by less than ideal voice talent. Even some nice quotable lines, though no instant classics to be found. Just fun, often baffling dialogue. On the crazy scale, The Angry Dragon is more grounded than most chop socky, plus the tone is often comedic. I mean, seeing two Mongols rub watermelons on their bald heads, then have to shit eight times a day is wacky, but not that insane. The action is fun, but reined in compared to the wire work and over the top fights seen elsewhere. So The Angry Dragon is a lot of fun, but it stays pretty straight forward in the chop socky field.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10