Plot: Dr. Johnson (Fred Williams) has been running experiments that could yield remarkable gains, but cross some ethical lines. The inhumane nature of his work has brought down intense criticism, to the point he will likely have his medical license revoked. He is called an animal and a monster, but he had the best of intentions. After his colleagues shun him for his controversial work, he goes into a deep depression. His wife (Soledad Miranda) is unable to comfort him and soon, Dr. Johnston takes his own life. Mrs. Johnson is heartbroken, but channels her grief into vengeance, with her sights on those who drove her husband to this tragic end. She plans to seduce the high ranking doctors who vowed to end her husband’s research, then kill them to avenge her love. But can she prey upon those responsible and if so, will it provide any respite from her loss?

Entertainment Value: She Killed in Ecstasy is quite an interesting movie, thanks to Jess Franco’s direction and Soledad Miranda’s irresistible screen presence. Miranda is other worldly in this movie and has such an insanely beautiful, intense look. She is able to carry the movie with ease, as you simply can’t take your eyes off her. The role asked for lethal seduction and she conveyed that and then some. The rest of the cast is solid, but pales in comparison. It is fun to see Jess Franco in front of the camera, though. Franco’s direction in this one is skilled, he gives the movie such a memorable visual design. This is like cinematic art at times, even his harshest critics would have to admit he was on point here. She Killed in Ecstasy is a thriller at heart and the story is passable, but isn’t the film’s strong suit. The movie runs about 80 minutes and the pace reflects that, as there’s minimal downtime. This isn’t Franco at his most outlandish or monstrous, but She Kills in Ecstasy is one of his best in my opinion. I love the film’s visuals, music,  and overall style, while Miranda’s performance is almost hypnotic. Even if you’re not usually a Franco fan, this is one to take a chance on.

A lot of naked Soledad Miranda in this one and of course, that is excellent news. She’s fully naked here in numerous scenes, including full frontal. Even expositional scenes sometimes feature her topless, so that is storytelling we can all appreciate. The highlight for me was the lesbian scene with Ewa Stromberg, which quickly takes the women from an art discussion to taking each other’s clothes off. So most of the nudity is from Miranda and that’s fine by me, as quality is better than quantity in this case. The blood is infrequent and the violence is often off screen, so no graphic gore here. The effects are pretty terrible, so its for the best that the bloodshed was kept to a minimum, I think. Miranda has some nice lines while she toys with her victims, but not much that reaches quotable status. The performance of Miranda is haunting, but this film is pretty grounded as far as Franco movies are concerned. You still get a pissed off chick castrating guys with scissors, though.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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