Plot: Before he escaped a Serbian prison camp, Karl Thomasson (Treat Williams) made a promise to his fellow merc who didn’t survive the mission. Karl is to take one of the man’s war medals to his daughter, who he never had a proper relationship with. Once he learns she is a college professor, Karl heads to Eastern Atlantic University and meets the woman, Nicole (Rebecca Staab). When Karl finds her, she is being hassled by some juiced up football players, angry that she won’t give them as easy pass. Karl of course handles them with ease, but Nicole insists she can handle herself. But when Nicole is attacked and put in the hospital, Karl steps in, assembles a small team, and takes over as professor in Nicole’s literature class. While Karl has done this kind of thing before, this time it becomes clear the corruption runs deep, all the way to the mafia. Can even Karl handle a battle with the mob, or he is the one who will learn a lesson this time?

Entertainment Value: Karl Thomasson conquered high school, so it only makes sense that he’d tackle the halls of college next. After all, despite his violent profession, he holds a Master’s Degree and loves to read Russian literature. This sequel follows a similar path as the ones that came before, so the formula continues here. The change in venue is nice and of course, Thomasson versus the mafia is a welcome touch. The story is about what you’d expect and doesn’t toss any curveballs, right down to the “let me kick your ass while I introduce myself to the class” scene that both previous The Substitute volumes had. But in this series, you know he has to wind up in a classroom and you want to see him bust people up, so you just roll with it. The action isn’t as frequent in this third movie, but it does pick up a lot in the finale. I was also glad to see the exploitation elements jazzed up, with more naked flesh and blood on showcase. So if you like this series or vigilante movies in general, give The Substitute 3 a look.

Several topless women and a couple of bare asses, so that’s great news. You also have a wet t-shirt contest with huge jugs on display, though not all the girls involved show off the full goodies. A female member of Thomasson’s squad also shows off some upskirt, but nothing is seen besides panties. She’s killing a man while pretending to cowgirl him though, so points there. The blood seems a little more prevalent as well, with the usual juicy squib shots and more. Thomasson crushes a guy’s legs but we don’t see much, though an arm is cut off by a katana right in front of our eyes. There’s also the usual bone breaking and roundhouse kick mania, just like The Substitute is known for. On the dialogue side we have a few memorable lines, mostly one liners from Thomasson and his crew. This installment is in line with the others, a little wacky at times, but a fairly grounded action/thriller.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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