Plot: Dr. Lawrence Orlofksi (Allan Berendt) is a busy man, with important experiments in process that he is desperate to complete. His interest isn’t in advancing medical science, but instead in finding help for himself and his wife, Regina (Hope Stansbury). The couple each have genetic conditions that make life a struggle, but these aren’t run of the mill type afflictions. You see, Lawrence is the son of a werewolf and as for Regina, she happens to be the daughter of a famous vampire. So far Lawrence has been able to keep his family secrets under wraps, with temporary treatments to push back the mutations, but he needs real cures desperately. His new home is to be his lab, complete with odd servants and man eating plants in the basement. Even with his medical prowess and his servants to test new methods on, Lawrence can feel the pressures of the position. With intolerant neighbors, a nosy landlord, and a crooked accountant all lurking about, can Lawrence manages to find cures or will the genetic curses be fully unleashed?

Entertainment Value: I do want to note this is a longer version of the movie than most releases, at just under 70 minutes. The Code Red release offers this extended cut of the film, sourced from an uncovered 35mm print. This has been a tough movie to track down, so it is nice to have it available and in an extended version, no less. Blood is often called one of Andy Milligan’s more traditional efforts, but in truth, I can’t see it winning him new fans. The tone is less manic than most of his work, but the same bitter characters, angry dialogue, and sexual obsessions are present. Yes, Milligan has reined in his tricks a little, but really only the bloodshed seems lessened. If you haven’t enjoyed his other films, odds are this one won’t convert you. As for those who appreciate his creations, Blood has a lot more focus on dialogue over gore and nudity, which will disappoint some. But we have a vampire, a werewolf, carnivorous plants, and more, so Milligan wasn’t going to leave us without some wackiness. If you’re a fan of Milligan or bitter dialogue, Blood is a solid bit of fun. Otherwise, you’ll likely hate it.

No nakedness. Not as much blood as you’d expect from Milligan given the subject matter, but there is some red stuff. The plants feeding on folks produces some blood, as well as some gross green sores that wind up popped open. There’s also some vampire style blood letting, but again, not much. The violence picks up toward the finale, but overall Milligan toned down the gore a lot here. The dialogue is typical Milligan, with bitter people arguing and insulting each other, which I love. Not a lot of lines that stick out, but a lot of angry exchanges that are fun to watch. The presence of vampires, werewolves, and man eating plants is out there, but Blood doesn’t ratchet up the madness much. The final scenes do offer up more chaos and violence however, which is nice. Overall though, Blood is one of Milligan’s more grounded efforts. I do love the ending though.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10