Plot: Although it happened fifteen years ago, a shocking murder still haunts the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois. A young boy named Michael Myers inexplicably stabbed his sister to death, on Halloween night, no less. He would remain locked up in a mental health institution, where Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasance) would try to work with him and when that failed, petition to make sure he was never let out. Just before Halloween, Michael escapes and heads home to Haddonfield, with Loomis in hot pursuit. Later, a high school girl named Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) notices a strange man popping up different places, from her school to the walk home, but tries to put it out of her mind. Meanwhile, Loomis tries to warn the local law enforcement about the situation, but he is mostly brushed off by everyone. But as Michael starts to stalk the streets on the anniversary of his sister’s murder, what will this dark night hold for Haddonfield?

Entertainment Value: One of the most acclaimed and popular horror movies of all time, Halloween would help create the blueprint that much of the genre would run on for decades to come. Michael Myers has become an iconic figure even in mainstream culture, for his mask, methodical tactics, and eerily silent presence. In Halloween, he lurks around every corner and is a constant ominous shadow over the movie. Jamie Lee Curtis would be the prototype for the final girl, a concept the genre would embrace and make a deeply entrenched horror tradition. She is innocent, unlike her friends, but tough and her scenes with Michael are well crafted and effective. The visuals, the iconic theme, the performances, it all weaves together and the result is an undisputed classic of horror, without question. Not much else to really say, Halloween deserves a place in everyone’s movie collection.

Early on we have some topless hair brushing, followed by a murder. Always fun. Almost nakedness from Annie a little later on, but we only see her from behind. But then it happens, P.J. Soles shows her tits. The time we spend with them might be short, but it is glorious while it lasts. As far as blood, Halloween might the slasher movie pioneer, but it doesn’t pile on much gore. We see Michael get stabbed with a knitting needle and a coat hangar, but no blood from those fun wounds. Even when Michael uses his trademark knife, the blood is minimal. There is a little blood here and there, but really very little red stuff. I’m still awarding points for some of the kills, as bloodless or not, they’re pretty cool. I love the inane dialogue between Laurie and her friends, as well as the oh so serious Dr. Loomis’ rants. A good amount of quotable lines between those sources, plus some other really great dialogue in other scenes. Halloween has that slight supernatural twinge, but doesn’t go off the deep end. As far as horror movies go, it is pretty grounded and not all chaos and madness.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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