Plot: Winston Strange (Josh Miller) lives in the rich part of town, so his party is certain to be a must attend event for local socialites. As he prepares for his guests, Daisy (Chelsea Mundae) has some pressing issues of her own. She has learned her friend was raped and is down in the basement, which causes her great concern. Daisy then hypnotizes one of her male friends, forces him to eat her shit, then decides to head to the basement and help her victimized friend. Her friend is a girl scout who was beaten and raped by a potential customer, a tragic experience that caused her to become pregnant. Daisy grabs a coat hangar and gives her friend a makeshift abortion, then eats the fetus. When the party finally begins, all those invited enjoy dancing and telling stories about Taiwan, but a dark stranger is preying upon the guests. Who is strangling all of these people and will anyone survive Winston’s bash?

Entertainment Value: I Was a Teenage Strangler was made by Factory 2000, shot on video with low rent production values. The movie is best known for being the debut of Erin Brown, who built a sizable fan base under the name Misty Mundae. If that’s why you want to see this movie, you’ll likely be disappointed. She doesn’t have much screen time and is forgettable in the role. But this film has so much more to offer, provided you have a taste for creative, no holds barred cinema. The first half of the movie is just one scene of chaos after another, from strange phone calls to rape to amateur abortion to hypnotism, all with wild dialogue and performances. You’ll see things that will have you in disbelief, like blood infused oral sex and a long, static shot of a girl urinating. The shock value is obvious, but the movie is also wildly entertaining due to the manic tone. The cast is up for whatever and performs in eccentric turns, making the most of the material. I know this movie will likely repulse a lot of people and confuse countless others, but I think I Was a Teenage Strangler is a metric ton of unique, creative fun.

Not only does this movie pack in graphic nudity, it does so in wild, unhinged style. You’ll see a girl force a guy to lick (fake) shit off her ass, including a spectacular splat when she stands over his face. A scene of girl scout rape including full frontal nudity of both sexes, a girl fiddling with herself and a real blowjob, soaked in blood. There’s also ample topless scenes and even more full frontal, so yeah, lots of nakedness here. On the blood side, we have a beautiful coat hangar abortion scene that is quite graphic and provides a good amount of blood. There are assorted other scenes of bloodshed as well, but nothing as graphic or memorable as the abortion. Most of the killing is done by strangulation, which doesn’t yield gore in droves. As far as dialogue, the movie is loaded with outlandish lines made all the better by the off the rails performances. Not a lot of quotable stuff, but tons of hilarious and off the wall dialogue. On the crazy side, this one pushes a lot of boundaries and is about as free wheeling as you can get. The last half is much less insane, but even so, this one earns the full marks. This is kind of stream of consciousness type creativity isn’t something you see often, without question.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10