Plot: Australia After Dark opens with a brief historical overview, then talks about suicide, then features a naked woman being probed by the camera while a strobe light pulses and the opening credits roll. We are promised a glimpse at the side of Australia that few ever see and not everyone would want to witness. The shocking, the beautiful, the obscene, the ugly, so on and so forth. I promise I am not being lazy, but there’s not much of a narrative here, as the film presents a scene and offers minor social relevance, then moves to the next. If you’re familiar with other mondo films like Mondo Cane, you know about what to expect. A travelogue of sorts, taking us through Australia’s more unusual elements, some real and some, well…not so real.

Entertainment Value: I watched an uncut version of the movie for this review, released by Intervision Picture Corp. An Australian entrant in the mondo movie world, Australia After Dark checks all the boxes genre fans will expect. As with similar movies, this one tries to provide “cultural education” through clips of naked people, social oddities, and other quirky elements. I do like that Australia After Dark takes a much sillier tone than most, with an emphasis on naked women and colorful characters. Some scenes take a more serious tone, but those are infrequent. Some of the topics explored include boat races without water, witchcraft ceremonies, UFOs, beer drinking records, using naked women as art canvases, homosexuals, gambling, and much more. We now know some of the scenes were staged, but isn’t that kind of huckster exploitation approach exactly what you want from a movie like this? I had fun with Australia After Dark and if you’re into these kind of mondo movies, you should check it out.

This is a mondo inspired movie, so of course there’s nakedness. The opening credits alone have tits, bare ass, and bush, for example. An early scene has an S&M party with several topless women and several flopping dongs. You see some of the softest sadists ever, as they grapple around and slap dicks around. A lot of naked women in this one, just scene after scene of breasts and bush. You’ll see naked witches, naked art models, naked shemales, and much, much more. This uncut version restores a scene that includes a couple brief glimpses at a non simulated blowjob as well. No violence, which is another shift from the typical mondo movie, so no blood. Aside from the narration, there’s not much dialogue involved, so few memorable lines. Count Copernicus does offer some head scratching wisdom, though. While not as insane as some mondo productions, Australia After Dark has some wild moments, such as Count Copernicus and his menagerie. Even so, this movie is more about seeing naked women over an off the rails mondo adventure.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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