Plot: Camp Rolling Hills was closed down after her last murderous rampage, but Angela (Pamela Springsteen) once again has summer plans. She runs over a girl, throws her in the trash, then assumes her identity as a camper at Camp New Horizons. This camp happens to be right where Camp Rolling Hills used to be, but this time, camp is also a social experiment of sorts. A group of teens from rich families in nice areas are in the woods with a group of teens from poor families and rundown areas, to see if the outdoors experience can bridge those social gaps. But Angela is determined to bypass all that and focus on what she does best, slaughtering bad apples. But one of the counselors happens to be not only a police officer, but the father of one of Angela’s victims. Will this be another cool summer for Angela, or her last hurrah?

Entertainment Value: The third Sleepaway Camp movie follows the dark humor of the second, with Pamela Springsteen in the lead. She has a lot of screen time and wastes little of it, constantly either arguing with or killing her fellow campers. So this is essentially the Angela show, with most of the other characters limited to basic stereotypes or fodder to be reaped by our beloved psychopath. The campers are very unlikable as well, so its tough to root against Angela here. Aside from the various quirks each camper has, most are presented as casually racist. A white girl lashes out with racial slurs against a black guy, who earlier was shouting slurs against a Latino, so Angela is by and large the easiest character to get behind. But don’t get behind her, she doesn’t fornicate. The lack of story might deter some, but to me this is a fun, fond farewell to Angela and her reign of terror over the series. Just takin’ care of business.

The movie opens with a girl showing off her jugs, which is awesome. A few other girls get topless toward the start of camp, then later on a girl pops her top for a tent love scene. So some breasts to be seen, but the nudity isn’t gratuitous or all that common this time around. On the blood end of things, Angela’s killings aren’t overly bathed in the red stuff, but some nice moments pop in. I think the flagpole kill is a highlight, even though the money shot happens off screen. An axe to the head offers some fun gore, as does a scene where Angela just straight up shoots a guy to death. A decent body count, but not all that much graphic bloodshed. Angela has some great lines as usual, while the mean spirited campers are fun to listen to as they insult and attack each other. I appreciate the hatred they display toward one another, for sure. As crazy as Angela is, the movie stays in normal slasher territory and doesn’t go off the rails. The dark humor gives it a little more edge than most, but its still a grounded approach.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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