Plot: Cat (Kirsten Zien) is a high school senior with a bright future, in fact everything seems to be going her way these days. She and her best friend Emily (Chloe Bridges) have a plan for success, as both will attend Brown and they’ll open a graphic design firm together, making them both rich. A little tension eases into that relationship however, when Cat is elected class president over Emily, then Emily learns she hasn’t been accepted to Brown after all. But Cat supports her friend and all seems well, until a cruel message appears on Cat’s social media. But Cat knows she didn’t post the message, contacts the site admins, and again, all seems well. But more messages are posted, even meaner ones, targeting numerous students at Cat’s school. No one believes Cat’s innocence, since all signs point to her. As her life begins to crumble, Cat turns to her mother (Daryl Hannah), who is determined to protect her daughter all costs.

Entertainment Value: Originally released as Social Nightmare, this Lifetime movie was retitled Mother and given a horror themed marketing campaign. In truth, this is what you’d expect from a Lifetime movie, just with the knob turned to eleven. I honestly think Mother works best as a satire of these kind of movies, as it is so preposterous and over the top throughout. Cat is put through the wringer here, going from top of the world to getting her face smashed into a bathroom sink. Kirsten Zien is hot and does her best, squeezing all the melodrama out of her poor lot in the script. Chloe Bridges is even hotter as her bestie and has one of the movie’s best scenes, when an older guy shows up to fuck her and wants her to call him honey daddy. But Daryl Hannah is the real star, being both supermom and the kind of bitch who will strangle a teenage girl in an instant. She makes Mother work so better than it should have.

The movie’s idea of “dirty” pictures consists of bra & panty shots, so yeah, none of these hot girls take off their clothes. The blood quotient is low as well, though seeing Cat get her face smashed in is fun. There’s also a brief cat fight between the best friend and of course, Daryl Hannah’s violent mothering tendencies. So some violence, but minimal bloodshed, but come on, this is a Lifetime movie. A lot of dialogue that seems like older people wrote it, as it has all the right buzzwords, but is more cringe than timely. But that’s good, as that adds to the fun and since the cast performs in manic fashion, that all adds up to just wacky conversations. “OMG did he just say the world wide web?” “I just love surfing the web!” This is the kind of hilariously inept stuff you’ll find here. On the crazy scale, the tone of the movie is dark and overly melodramatic, which enhances the crazy and Hannah is a lot of fun to watch here. Mother is more B movie thriller than Lifetime original, so if you like high level melodrama and cringe dialogue, check it out.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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