Plot: Shady Palms has been under suspicion thanks to disappearing patients, but Nurse Edith (Priscilla Alden) has kept the clinic open. If anyone snoops around, she simply stabs them to death and feeds them to the rats in the basement. This system might sound extreme, but its hard to argue with her results. When a new patient arrives named Brownie, a homeless woman with severe alcoholism, Edith finds herself in a real fight for once. Brownie pulls a knife when Edith tries to take her bag, but a few drinks later, Edith dumps her body in the basement like the rest. But…Brownie lives and attacks Dr. Gordon (Albert Eskinazi) before Edith can intervene. Has Edith lost control of Shady Palms and if so, will she ever face justice for her crimes?

Entertainment Value: Edith is back and of course, so are flashbacks that feature footage from Criminally Insane. This one again runs about an hour, so the pace is quick and well, yeah. This is more of the same Death Nurse goodness as before, but with much more colorful supporting characters. Brownie is fantastic, both with her dumpster groceries and her interactions with Edith. I only wish she was given more screen time, as she is so hilariously off the wall. Luckily we have other lunacies to enjoy, such as a Russian political activist and the twin sister of the nosy old bitch from the first Death Nurse. You have to give the movie credit, it ups the ante on wild shit and that’s what a sequel should do. I had a blast with this shot on video, low rent sequel and I think anyone who appreciates 80s horror or bizarre cinema will have fun with this one.

Sadly, still no nude scene for Nurse Edith. And no one else either, as Death Nurse has no naked people involved. But we still have some violence, in the same non graphic fashion as the original. Edith carves up numerous folks as usual, with blood covered bodies as the aftermath. The flashback scenes also provide some gore, more than the main feature, actually. No line of dialogue passes as mediocre here, as almost every bit of dialogue is memorable. Edith rattles off plenty of “nosy old bitch” barbs and the battle between Edith and Brownie is simply epic. On the crazy scale we have Edith up to her old ways, the production limitations, and a host of new, memorable characters to kill off. Death Nurse 2 certainly pulls out more off the wall moments than the original and earns a slightly higher insanity score.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 7/10

Overall Insanity: 7/10

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