Plot: Long Jeanne Silver isn’t your typical 70s era pornography and not just because of its colorful leading lady. The movie has a wide scope of sex scenes, but also includes some interview segments. In these interviews, Silver herself talks about her unique anatomy and her experiences in general. She describes her situation in detail, talking about both the amputation and how it has impacted her. She is a talkative and charming woman, so these segments really let us see the woman behind the porn star. After all, she has done things very few others can claim and her unique experiences in front of the camera and in her personal life are quite interesting. So you get to know Long Jeanne Silver and you get to see her in all kinds of sex, sounds like a win/win.

Entertainment Value: Silver is a very unique performer and it makes sense that a movie like this would have been made. Her story is interesting and this movie lets her tell it herself, between sex sessions. There’s no story really, just Jeanne talking about herself and sex scenes. At just over an hour, Long Jeanne Silver is brisk and provides more than enough content on both kids. A good deal of time is spent showing Jeanne’s personality and ample sex is on showcase. Overall, this is an interesting curio featuring one of porn’s more colorful stars.

This is hardcore porn, so there’s nudity around every corner. You’ll see threesomes, double headed dildo jams, lesbian sex, and more. Of course, Jeanne is the focus of the movie and she puts her unique talent to good use. She fucks multiple women with her stump and yes, she even railroads a guy with it. There’s also more traditional sex and plenty of oral, but the stump stuffing is the main attraction. No blood, this is just sex with no horror elements. A few interesting lines pop up as Jeanne discusses her experiences, but there’s more fucking than talking in this one. This is certainly a couple notches higher on the insanity meter than most porn, but the movie stays respectful of Jeanne and doesn’t come off like gonzo exploitation.

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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