Plot: Morella (Nicole Eggert) was a beautiful woman with a family, but she was drawn to the darker side of existence. She slit the throat of a woman and bathed in her blood to draw power, then sought to sacrifice her own infant child. She was stopped and soon put to death in horrific fashion, but her dark deeds continue to loom over her family. Years later, her husband Gideon (David McCallum) is a blind recluse and her daughter Lenora (also Nicole Eggert) has grown into a beautiful young woman. Lenora is about to be old enough to take control of the trust Morella left behind, but the trust isn’t the only part of Morella about to make a return. There is a dark plan to summon Morella’s spirit and allow it to possess Lenora. Can Lenora somehow resist her mother’s evil spirit, or will Morella once again unleash her blood soaked vengeance?

Entertainment Value: Loosely inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, The Haunting of Morella aims to deliver paranormal chills and bare breasted thrills. The horror side of the movie is passable, with some nice bloody set pieces and general overall atmosphere. I liked the costumes and set design here, as they added to that atmosphere and that attention to detail isn’t common. I wouldn’t call the movie scary, but it has strong horror elements and doesn’t skimp on blood. The cast ensures the bare breast quotient is covered, with Maria Ford, Lana Clarkson, Nicole Eggert, and others all on hand. The story here is one we’ve seen before, but it is well handled thanks to the film’s atmosphere, has all the tension and dread it needs. The performances are good given the material, with Lana Clarkson and David McCallum as the standouts. It might not be high cinematic art, but this winds up as a enjoyable, nudity laced romp. If you like naked girls and demon possession, you should give The Haunting of Morella a chance.

An all star assortment of jugs can be seen here, which is great news. Numerous topless scenes, boobs covered in blood, lesbian baths, and sex under a leaky roof can all be found in The Haunting of Morella. The most memorable scene however is a topless Clarkson under a waterfall, with the most camel toe hugging panties ever seen. I’m sure that scene was worn out on countless VHS tapes. There’s more blood here than you might think too, complete with a crucifixion. Most of the blood letting is non graphic but a couple of nice gore scenes are included. The bones of Morella being soaked in blood and coming to life is a personal favorite of mine. Not much as far as quotable dialogue, as the writing plays it pretty straight. Aside from a base amount of craziness given the possession story, The Haunting of Morella is content to be a fairly grounded experience and honestly the movie doesn’t suffer because of that.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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