Plot: The Double Deuce is a small town club in serious trouble, as the patrons are out of control and the owner is losing money rapidly. In a last effort to turn around his business, owner Tilghman (Kevin Tighe) brings in a cooler with a reputation for being the best in the business, Dalton (Patrick Swayze). Dalton runs a tight ship and has his own set of rules, but his past results are undeniable. He cleans out the bad elements in the club’s staff, which includes the nephew of the man of runs the town, Brad Wesley (Ben Gazzara). That action sparks a feud between Dalton and Wesley, but meanwhile, Dalton is able to make the Double Deuce a safer, more profitable place. He evens finds romance in Doc (Kelly Lynch), a beautiful doctor who helps patch up his frequent wounds. But when Dalton’s presence emboldens the locals to resist Wesley’s corrupt habits, Wesley strikes out in violent fashion. Will Dalton do what he always does and head on to new ground, or will he stay and finish his business with Wesley?

Entertainment Value: This might seem like an odd inclusion on this site, but to me, Road House was one the last major studio drive-in style movies. The picture plays like a high budget B movie, with all the elements genre fans could want, while also appealing to a more mainstream crowd. Road House tells a simple story that fractures into a personal vendetta, with romance, humor, drama, and action all neatly tucked in. The writing takes the story seriously, but makes sure to inject ample humor to keep it from getting dull or melodramatic. The movie is packed with colorful characters and boasts an impressive cast, headed up of course by the late Patrick Swayze. You’ll also see Kelly Lynch, Jeff Healey, Sam Elliott, Ben Gazzara, and legendary pro wrestler Terry Funk. The performances are fun to watch and everyone seems to get the material, which helps a lot. At the end of the day, Road House is just a badass movie that has all the elements a cult cinema fan could want, despite its mainstream acceptance. A fun movie is a fun movie and you can’t fault Road House for being popular, right?

Road House doesn’t shy away from the naked bodies, with both male and female goodies on showcase. Of course Swayze is naked more than once, but we also get to see several of the ladies in states of undress. Kelly Lynch has a nude scene, which is awesome, but Julie Michaels steals the show with her stage dance. Michaels is like boiling over with sexual tension in Road House, its quite a sight to see. A couple other topless scenes are here too, so no shortage of jugs in these parts. There’s a good deal of blood as well, from shootings, stabbings, and of course, good old bar brawls. Most of the blood is just light red stuff from the various fights, but there is some real gore here too. A pretty graphic throat rip leads the charge, but there’s also a nicely gruesome shotgun death. You want quotes? Road House is a quote a minute machine, with countless lines of dialogue you’ll want to work into your daily conversations. While still grounded for the most part Road House does earn a few notches of crazy, with the nudity, bloodshed, and wild dialogue, so don’t pass it up just because it was a mainstream hit.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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