Plot: Colton West (Steve Guttenberg) is a hero for his actions when fire spiders invaded Los Angeles, but it hasn’t helped his film career much. On the set of his latest movie he runs into trouble when he improvises too much, driving the director over the edge. But there’s another reason Colton took the role, as it allows him to be in Florida, close to his stepdaughter, Raya (Michele Weaver). The two don’t have the best relationship, but Colton wants that change and forge a bond with her. While Colton shoots the movie, a series of underground volcanic eruptions once again rise up and of course, those damn fire spiders are back. With his Raya in danger, Colton and his friends saddle up once again and head to do battle with the lavalantulas. But this time, both sides have some surprises, as Colton’s crew has new cryo-weapons and the spiders have some new mutations. Colton is able to fend off the smaller waves of spiders with ease, but while he is lost in the Everglades, the largest lavalantula of all time stirs beneath the ground. Can Colton be the hero one more time or will the Gargantulantula be too much for even him?

Entertainment Value: Of course they made a sequel to Lavalantula, right? Most of the cast returns and we even have Martin Kove on deck, the evil sensei from The Karate Kid. Steve Guttenberg is back in the lead and decided to play this as a spoof of action stars, right down to the growly voice. His performance didn’t resonate with a lot of fans, but if you get what he’s going for, its a little better than it seems. And really guys, this is a SyFy Channel creature feature, if you want great acting you came to the wrong place. If you liked the first movie, this is more of the same with a few new spins thrown in. In other words, if you aren’t into these low rent monster movies, it won’t turn you into a fan. The special effects seem about the same as before and most of the cast is back, as I said, so this is a pretty faithful sequel. The stakes are of course raised with more advanced spiders and a larger end boss, but 2 Lava 2 Lantula keeps it close to the original.

No naked girls since this was made for television, but the movie does up the ante on blood and violence. Not to an extreme level of course, but there are cooler and more memorable special effects this time around. The spiders can launch stingers this time and that allows for some nice impalements, including a reference to Steve Irwin’s death. My highlight was seeing a stream of spiders flood from a girl’s eyes, which didn’t look great, but was still fun to watch. Some of the death styles from the original also return, with the old chesnut “jump and burn” still in heavy rotation. I still appreciate the added variety and for a made for television movie, spiders reverse raping a girl’s eyes is pretty badass. The dialogue is hokey of course, but some nice lines sneak through. A lot of references to other movies and Florida based culture, such as Guttenberg dressed like he was in Miami Vice. I’d rank this one about the same on the insanity meter as the first film, as not enough is done to ratchet up the chaos.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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