Plot: If you want to explore your sexual desires and have the money to pay for it, there’s a service just for you. Set up the encounter, let loose your inner sexual demons and the women there will make sure you leave satisfied. But there is more to this arrangement than meets the eye, as once the customers leave the hotel, they are soon contacted and blackmailed. During the sexual congress, a hidden photographer snaps pictures and uses them to extort large sums of money from the clients. Afraid of certain scandal, the clients pay the blackmail fee and the cycle begins again with a new customer. Blackmail is one thing, but when people connected to the sex business start to turn up dead, the police take an interest in the situation. As more bodies are discovered and more kinky sex takes place, will the truth about the play motel ever be uncovered?

Entertainment Value: Play Motel is often marketed like a murder mystery thriller with some sexploitation elements. But in truth, the sex takes center stage and the mystery just kind of fizzles in most scenes. I appreciate the attempt to put a solid story line in, but I found the murder plot to be inconsistent. It is treated like a stepchild in Play Motel, with the adventures of naked women given the primary spotlight. There is some dark humor in the narrative however, which is fun. Even with the misfired murder arc, Play Motel maintains a solid pace outside of a few uneventful stretches. I would have liked either more killings or a wilder narrative to make the murder mystery angle more interesting, but that’s just me. The performances are fine, both in the dramatic scenes and the over the top sexual liaisons. Maybe not the ideal mesh of giallo and sexploitation, but Play Motel is still solid fun.

There’s no shortage of naked women in Play Motel, that’s for sure. Not just brief glimpses either, the camera takes long, lingering scenes of flesh here. You’ll see a good number of girls in total buff, ample front frontal included. So if seeing a close up of a woman’s vagina lips offends you, keep on truckin’. More bush than you could ever wish for is on showcase in this one. The sex in the scenes is non graphic, as the hardcore scenes sometimes edited in were never part of the intended picture. But some wacky shit goes down, like an old man dressed as the devil poking a naked nun with his pitchfork. I don’t mean his dick either, but a literal pitchfork. The highlight however, is a man who puts champagne to good use in ways his prostitute probably never expected. Not much blood, as even when people are shot, they simply slump over or fall down. The dialogue is not that memorable either, save a few curious lines here and there. Play Motel has some crazy scenes and is a rank or two above the normal sexploitation fare, but doesn’t let loose and really go for broke often enough.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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