Plot: So you wanna make a porno? Jim (Alain Patrick) will show you the risks and rewards of filming sex in Blue Money. The man is a veteran of illegal pornography, shooting movies with small crews and supplying local movie houses with content. While recent shifts in the law have eased some tension on Jim and his fellow porn creators, the public and law enforcement remain against the movies. This leads to the police hounding those involved, costing them precious resources to fight baseless charges. So even if they don’t go to jail, the porn crews wind up wasting cash fighting the process. All Jim wants to do is finish his boat and sail around the world with his wife and child. He winds up involved with a young starlet however, which means he is under constant pressure both at home and on the job. He refuses to back down however, as he is so close to his dream, but will he crack under the intense pressure?

Entertainment Value: While marketed as an exploitation style picture, Blue Money is really a well made drama. The story is coherent and the performances are fine, though Alain Patrick’s accent reminded me of Tommy Wiseau. The cast includes several porn veterans and the feel of the renegade porn shoots has some authenticity. Might seem strange now, but back then it was a huge risk to produce adult movies and this movie examines that risk/reward mentality. It also shows us what happens when a girl shows up to make a porno when she’s on her period. Blue Money also offers a rich 70s texture, from the clothes to the attitudes to the huge bushes. I appreciate movies that are soaked in the era they were made, so that is all a huge plus in my book. If you do check out Blue Money, make sure to seek out the uncut version however, as this movie is one that was given multiple low quality home video releases.

Surprise, surprise, right? This is a movie about making porn movies and as you’d guess, it is loaded with naked bodies. The sex is simulated (or seems to be since the dicks are limp), but you’ll see a metric ton of flesh. The women and men both appear fully nude, which means full frontal from both sexes. So if you want to see the ladies, you gotta soak in a few flopping dongs. No real blood to speak of, as the fights in Blue Money are more philosophical than physical. The writing is better than you might think, so while there are some laughable lines, for the most part the dialogue is legit. A movie about the underground porn scene is going to be a little wacky from the start, but really Blue Money is a grounded, gritty experience. Whether that is good or bad depends on what you want from movies, but I think Blue Money is worth a look

Nudity: 10/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 2/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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