Plot: The allied forces have learned about a valuable asset being held in a Nazi prison camp, a woman with crucial knowledge that could turn the tide of the war. But this prison is a love camp, filled with women held hostage and forced to satisfy the sexual desires of the Nazi ranks. So in order to infiltrate Love Camp 7, the allies send in two brave WACs willing to do whatever it takes to secure the objective. Once inside, the women discover one guard seems sympathetic to the situation, but most are brutish and have no issue with raping and abusing the imprisoned women. But if one of the girls even slightly resists, they are met with brutality and severe punishment. As the allied spies continue to delve deeper into life in Love Camp 7, they are subjected to seemingly endless indignities, but remain resolute to complete the mission. Will the women be able to extract the valuable asset and what will become of the hellish Love Camp 7?

Entertainment Value: As Love Camp 7 is one of the infamous “video nasties,” you might have high expectations. In truth, the movie is rather tame in both violence and sex, with little exploitation charm. The pace is quick, but the story stalls quickly and we just see one mediocre sex scene after another. There’s an attempt to go gonzo toward the finale with a pile of writhing, naked women, but its too little too late. Make no mistake, there are ample naked women, but there is no real erotic or exploitation madness to speak of. The sex isn’t erotic or extreme, while the violence is rather tame as well. So we are left with just a bunch of naked women and not much else in terms of entertainment. I wanted to love Love Camp 7, but the movie just isn’t wild enough.

As I said above, this movie features a host of fully naked women in various sex acts, but none are graphic or unusual. The worst it gets is a light whipping scene and a boot licking showcase, but otherwise, Love Camp 7 is fairly tame. The sex scenes are presented more or less as rape, but its mostly awkward French kisses and men with pants on. The violence is mild as well, with an attempt to shock using a “seat of honor” that is more laughable than excruciating. There are some interesting lines delivered and the story is solid at the start and again at the end, but in between its ignored. A little less softcore sex and a little more wild dialogue would have helped a lot. While it is a movie about a Nazi prostitution camp, Love Camp 7 needed a lot more craziness.

Nudity: 7/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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