Plot: A rail yard is demolished in a strange attack, causing immense damage and leaving two naked teenagers dead. The authorities are baffled until a ten million dollar ransom is demanded, with the promise of more destruction to come. Enter Ronn Warren (Erik Estrada), who is not just a police officer but more of a one man army against crime. Once he is on the case, he begins to track down the truth but not before more attacks are launched. Now with people’s faces melting off, he begins to ask citizens for rides around town as he investigates clues. Soon the man behind the attacks, Yuri (Ennio Girolami) sets his sights on melting the faces of the entire city and that means Ronn has to focus up. But can even a human weapon like Ronn end this chaos or will Yuri just continue to awkwardly work out in public? 

Entertainment Value: Light Blast is one of those must see movies that defies all logic and description. The film does have a plot and sees it through, but some of the stops along the way are just insane. The bad guy taking time to work out in public, Erik Estrada fist fighting a nurse, people’s faces melting off, the level of badass Estrada is allowed to be, it all adds up to an instant cult classic. Estrada was still hot from CHiPs around this time and he swaggers like he is the biggest movie star to ever walk the planet. You simply have to see his performance to believe it. Light Blast has some legit chase scenes though, including a finale that is actually well crafted and impressive. A wide scope of cool vehicles and some solid chases, including some folks being run over. So yes, Light Blast is insane, but it has some elements that are finely produced.

Not much in terms of nudity, a couple sets of breasts on showcase and of course, Estrada in a Speedo while carrying a Thanksgiving turkey. In terms of blood and gore, there are some wild shoot outs that yield massive gun wounds and assorted blood spatter. But the real draw in this area are the melting sequences, which are awesome. Yes the special effects are dated, but they still look badass and are a great addition to the fun. This is an action movie at heart, but there is still some red stuff to see. Dialogue tends to be great fun and Estrada plays it dead serious, just as he should. Everyone seems to take it pretty seriously really and that is part of why Light Blast is so damn fun. On the insanity meter, this movie is sky high and is just one “what now?” moment after another. Even those with only casual cult cinema interests have to see Light Blast.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 5/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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