Plot: Craig (Peter Carpenter) is a doctor who finds himself in a real pinch, when his past returns to haunt him. He performed a series of illegal abortions and now the man who set up the transactions is blackmailing him. Craig doesn’t have the $50,000, but the blackmailer seems to think he can use his connections to pay off the debt. Oh yeah, the blackmailer rapes Craig’s girlfriend but we never see or hear from her after. So yeah, that was kind of weird. One of his patients happens to be a rich, cantankerous old man with a heart condition and a crazed daughter, Andrea (Maria De Aragon). After she drugs Craig and has sex with him, Craig reveals the drug is quite potent and could kill someone if that person had a heart condition. Of course, this leads to Andrea murdering her father and sets a wild chain of events into motion.

Entertainment Value: This is the kind of movie where a loved one of the main character is raped and then ignored for the rest of the duration. So right there you know Blood Mania isn’t going to get bogged down in the details. Peter Carpenter is priceless in this, with wacky facial expressions and his trademark style of performance. Combine that with  Maria De Aragon’s manic performance and you have a recipe for constant fun. I mean, after she kills her own father, Andrea admires her own breasts in the mirror, what else could you ask for? The era yields some enjoyable wardrobe and hairstyle choices of course, which is always fun. Blood Mania gets overlooked by a lot of people because it was given so many cheap, poorly produced DVD releases, but there is a wild, quite entertaining movie here that deserves to be seen. I wouldn’t call Blood Mania a horror movie, but it has elements that would appeal to genre fans and anyone interested in offbeat, cult cinema should give it a chance.

Of course, Peter Carpenter had to show off his ass, but you’ll also see a few women bare it all in Blood Mania. You just can’t beat a drug fueled, interpretive dance style sex scene and this movie has perhaps the best one ever. Not a ton of nudity, but a good amount and the jugs on showcase are impressive. While the title is Blood Mania, there isn’t really that much blood spilled. A few scenes have violence, but it is more humorous than graphic and never shocking or jarring. But the dialogue delivers and the performances ensure very few dull stretches. Blood Mania has a lot of WTF moments that raise the insanity score, but don’t expect a balls out, crazed experience.

Nudity: 5/10

Blood: 4/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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