Story: An art dealer is about to open one of the wildest exhibitions ever, with the entire show based on the naked female form, as interpreted through the styles of the masters. This means a wide scope of artists are involved, each tasked to use the spirit and techniques of famous painters to bring the erotic exhibit to life. In a twist, some of the artists discover that brushes aren’t needed when your model can use her own body to transform the canvas. As the artists work on their masterpieces, will this unusual show prove to be a success for the art dealer or will the controversial art flop?

Entertainment Value: This Barry Mahon directed nudie cutie delivers about what you’d expect, given the genre, a lot of naked flesh presented in wholesome, sometimes even hokey fashion. The premise leads to some repetition, as each scene is more or less the same as the one before, with some minor tweaks and character shifts. But essentially, each scene is an artist crafting a piece based on naked women, with some light dialogue blended in. Of course, Mahon makes sure to include some very light art history lessons, to justify the lack of clothes involved. I do think the pace is a little slow and the movie can be dull at times, but there is some entertainment to be found here.

This is a nudie cutie after all, which means there’s some flesh on showcase and in this movie, that means a wealth of topless scenes. If you’re into the concept of women creating art with just paint, a canvas, and their naked bodies, then you’re in luck, as that happens here often. Of course, I think that would make the woman the artist rather than the guy just watching her create art, but that’s another discussion. In any event, 1,000 Shapes of a Female delivers on the nakedness and does so in the expected tame, but fun ways. There is also some fun, awkward dialogue as well, as the artists and models have mundane conversations during the sessions. This leads to some humorous moments when routine elements are being discussed in very dull ways, such as a longer than expected talk about what’s for dinner. I think cult film fans will also appreciate the presence of Audrey Campbell, the infamous Olga of exploitation cinema fame. 1,000 Shapes of a Female isn’t as wild or memorable as some of its peers, but there’s some solid entertainment here for fans of nudie cuties.