Story: Lin (Huang Kai-Lun) has fallen out of favor with his academic peers, as he has become focused on a mythical plant that he believes has incredible medicinal value. No, Lin hasn’t turned into a stoner, instead he is obsessed with tales of a mysterious island, the mythical plant, and oversized predators. He has even been fired from his teaching position, as he can’t stop weaving the stories about the island and what awaits there. As it turns out however, there is someone interested in his tales, the CEO of a pharmaceutical corporation with plans for the plant Lin has fixated on. The company is about to launch an expedition to a place known as Resurrection Island, where they believe the plant can be found and by turn, added to their medical roster to bring in massive profits. But if Lin was right and the plant not only exists, but can provide unbelievable benefits, is he also right about the massive predators from the stories?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one, like a SyFy original dialed up and better funded, a torrent of bad visual effects, hilarious dialogue, colorful characters, and b movie magic. The story is thin, but it gets them to the island and in this case, that’s really all we need. So if you need logic in your narratives, Snake isn’t going to fulfill that need, as it might not make sense, but it is a fun, fun ride. The filmmakers seem to embrace the simple story as well, making sure we are never far from a new set piece or some kind of monster to appreciate. In short, there isn’t much downtime for exposition or common sense, which is good, because the threats on the island are much more interesting to watch. At only eighty minutes, Snake doesn’t overstay its welcome either, so there’s minimal filler and as I said, no shortage of set piece moments. This could be chases, action scenes, monster scenes, or dramatic emotional beats, all of which are infused with b movie thrills. The cast is fine too, with some being overly dramatic or over the top comedic, both of which work well in this material.

While the cast is fun to watch, the real stars of Snake are the various flora and fauna that inhabit the island. This of course includes the titular snake and while the visual effects aren’t mind blazing, the snake looks quite good and is very detailed, certainly a few steps above what SyFy can usually muster. The movie also makes sure that CGI budget goes to good use, as we see the snake often and always as part of a kinetic scene, whether a chase or attack. So unlike some movies that promise a monster and keep it hidden most of the duration, Snake does indeed deliver on the snake front. I also loved the blood vines, which include a killer plant that looks similar to Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors. You also have an insane sequence with a hurricane of aggressive fish to soak in, a scene that seems to keep giving and giving, with a constant torrent of fish flying all over the screen for what seems like forever. But can you have too many killer fish? Add in exploding fruit and you have quite the recipe for tropical chaos. I had a lot of fun with Snake and if you like b movies with low budgets and high ambitions, give Snake a spin.

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