Story: Woody has his tickets to the school carnival and that means he just needs one more thing, a date! This is new ground for Woody however, as he has never gone on a date or even socialized much outside of group settings. He doesn’t know which girl to ask or how to ask her on a date, so he consults his older brother, Ed. But even with some guidance from someone more experienced, it seems like there are so many pitfalls to avoid. Can Woody figure out who to ask and persuade her to join him or will he be wandering the carnival alone?

Entertainment Value: This cornball short runs about 13 minutes and while the premise sounds fun, it winds up being pretty serious and straight forward. The more dated elements provide some mild laughs, but this never goes over the top or into surreal touches. I was hoping for unintentional humor, but this still gives some entertainment and is an interesting time capsule of sorts, to be sure. If you appreciate these vintage social education reels, there’s some fun to be had, I just wish it was a little more wild or at least more memorable. But Dating: Do’s and Don’ts is a short watch and has some definite charm, so it is a minimal commitment and worth a look.