Story: A pair of young ladies have their night thrown into chaos when the nefarious Dicknose crashes the scene and tries to take advantage of the situation. The intruder gets handy with the friends, the forces them to engage with each other while he watches and prepares to unleash his ultimate plan. As his name implies, Dicknose has a penis shaped nose and he seeks to use his unusual nose for more sick, twisted acts. Will he succeed in his crimes and escape justice once again, or will Battyman and his sidekick Rubin show up in time to save the day?

Entertainment Value: This is a ten minute, stag type short film that does involve a hilarious knockoff Batman, a character named Dicknose, and hardcore pornographic elements. That should tell you all you need to know in this case, as if that premise interests you, you’re likely to at least have a few laughs here. The story is basic, with Dicknose caught in the act and our heroes rewarded for their efforts, in the style you’d suspect from a stag movie. The Dicknose does come into play, which is a relief, while the real sex comes from the girls hooking up with Battyman and Rubin. Simple, brief scenes of carnal lust are shown, made all the more humorous because of the characters involved. There’s also a great moment where Battyman gets all the attention and Rubin is left hanging in the breeze. At ten minutes, this is a brisk and low commitment short that could appeal to superhero fans or those who appreciate campy adult material.