Story: If your marriage is losing some of its romantic thrill, perhaps an orgy with friends at a cabin in the woods might perk things up, at least that’s the hope for Jeremy (Jeffrey S. Mueller) and Stacey (Mor Hall). The two want to rekindle the spark and while they’ve resisted giving in to their more open minded friends’ suggestions, this time the two have agreed and a weekend of toys, booze, and pleasure seems to await. But before the orgy can take place, another couple in the group engages in some supernatural pegging and as a result, some kind of evil has been unleashed. Not on purpose, but sometimes things get messy and blood winds up on a cursed bible, you know how these things happen. As the friends arrive at the cabin and begin to settle in, the vibe is fun, but a little awkward, as they try to navigate the sexual politics involved. Meanwhile, the cursed bible has awoken its previous owner, which means an undead Mennonite is now on the prowl. Can the couples recharge their relationships or will this old school zombie put a pitchfork in those plans?

Entertainment Value: I was of course drawn to this one because of the title and as promised, there is an undead Mennonite, but the emphasis here is on humor over horror. Not to say there aren’t some mild horror elements at work here, but by and large, this is more comedic than horrific. Unless of course, bad jokes and over the top acting are horrific to you, in which case this might be a scarier experience. The narrative is kind of fun in concept, a zombie Mennonite that stalks a group of middle age friends as they try to liven up their existences with some old fashioned swinger activities. As expected, this involves a lot of relationship jokes and sex jokes, more of which land than I anticipated. This is due in part to the cast, who really dial up the enthusiasm and that can take mediocre material and make it a little more fun. A good deal of the humor falls flat or is just hard to watch, but some is actually funny or at least fun to watch. So even if the jokes fizzle, sometimes the cast or the situations can compensate. I might not have loved this one, but it is was fun most of the time and I was never bored. So if you don’t mind some lame humor with your zombie Mennonites, give this a shot.

The cast here is mostly all down to clown here, which as I mentioned above, is one of the main reasons The Mennonite of the Living Dead is as fun as it is. If the cast were less energetic or didn’t run with the wackiness like this, the material could have fallen flat, to say the least. This is very much a small, ensemble cast, so everyone contributes a lot, but Jeffrey S. Mueller tends to be our on screen lead. He is a total cornball type performer, imagine a TikTok dad posting cringe videos and you have an idea of how Mueller plays Jeremy here. While I wouldn’t watch those TikTok videos, I think the approach works here and can be quite humorous at times, especially when Mueller finds a groove. Of course, the story moves a lot and that can throw off the vibe of momentum, but Mueller is very fun to watch here. Even when he tells a lame joke, which happens often, he puts his whole character into and really tries to make the material work. I appreciate that level of enthusiasm and dedication, so I think Mueller is a great casting choice. The cast also includes Mor Hall, Molly Moss, Rick Jermain, and Marcus Lawrence.