Story: Angel (Ethan Daniel Corbett) runs a small time drug operation, but his real passion is stalking his high school crush, Sophia (Amanda Jones). After he tracks her down once again, he discovers that she already has a romantic interest, a new man named Brandon (Nic Caruccio). Of course, Angel is worried about her new relationship and instead, sends his goons to break up the couple permanently. Led by Fleck (Sean Whalen), a crew of Angel’s thugs assaults the couple, killing Brandon and taking Sophia against her will. But while Brandon was struck down in the attack, he is offered a second chance and even some perks, by The Devil (Michael Pare). Now he has some special powers and a burning pumpkin for a head, but is that enough to rescue his love and end Angel’s antics once and for all?

Entertainment Value: This is an often ridiculous new take on the Headless Horseman lore, from b movie kingpins The Asylum and this fits right with their usual work quite well. The story is outlandish and more or less just gives our hero reasons to beat up bad guys and let his giant, flaming pumpkin head shine. As this is from The Asylum, the decision to turn the headless horseman into a hipster biker isn’t a shock and the end result is like a lame Ghost Rider character. While the headless horseman himself is an insufferable presence, the overall movie is more fun than I expected. The Asylum is hit and miss, but this one hits and for those who appreciate b movie cheese, Headless Horseman delivers. The flow of b movie vibes is fairly consistent, even if the movie never really throws down the gauntlet and goes for broke. There are scenes that dial up the wackiness to be sure, I just wish the film pushed a little more and really embraced the craziness. The pace is fine, dialogue is stilted and humorous, and of course, the special effects are atrocious. I loved the glowing pumpkin head visual effects, as they’re so cheesy, but also so fun, a core trait of the good films from The Asylum. So for a beyond corny b movie with Michael Pare as the devil himself, Headless Horseman is a decent watch and has some solid b movie vibes.

I mentioned Michael Pare and he provides the star power in this one, as well as an outrageous, way past over the top effort that is fun to watch. Pare’s role is central to the plot, but it is a smaller role with not a lot of screen time, though he ratchets up the camp and really makes the most of his scenes. He seems to relish playing the devil in Headless Horseman, as he brings a good deal of energy and enthusiasm to the role. Anytime he pops up here, Pare adds entertainment and the decision to cast him was a very wise one. Meanwhile, Nic Caruccio does his best in the lead role, but he is held back by the material, as it demands him to be a cringe, hipster type persona. So when he beats up the bad guys, you just want to see him get knocked around or maybe fly off his bike and bust his pumpkin. The best performance in the movie is Sean Whelan, who turns in his usual performance and that works well here, he is polished and fun to watch. The cast also includes Ethan Daniel Corbett, Amanda Jones, Kate Hodge, Marcos James, and Leonard Kelly-Young.