Story: Mikey Taylor (Billy Zane) was once a rock star with the world at his feet, but those days are long gone. After the music took a nosedive and Taylor engaged in a series of self destructive behaviors, he fell out of the stardom and now, fame and fortune are distant memories. These days, his wife Joyce (Jane Wheeler) supports him while he tries yet another comeback, just as she carried him during his fall from fame and the subsequent breakdowns. He put her through hell and even cheated on her, but she stuck by his side and regardless of how unlikely his comeback is, she remains at his side and encourages him to pursue his dream. As he writes a few lousy songs as part of his attempted return, he struggles to find his creative vibe, at least until Matty (Estella Warren) shows up. But will a new muse turn his luck around or is this just another failed effort from Mikey?

Entertainment Value: Blue Seduction is one of those magical movies where all the tumblers fall into place, a movie where nothing goes right and one bad decision after another happen, yet the film is so hilarious, it winds up being an absolute blast. I think it helps if you’ve ever known a delusional musician, but even if not, this movie is just mystifying and I have to think at some point, it will takes its rightful place as a true cult classic. The story is kind of like A Star is Born, if you bought it from Wish, a generic washed up rock star who couldn’t be more of a loser, who finds himself with a turn of luck after he meets a psycho groupie with questionable motives. The dialogue is always awkward and cringe filled, with plenty of laughs as a result, while the various narrative threads all deliver more of the same, it is cringe all the way down and for me, that was excellent news. The characters have wild, inexplicable shifts and reactions, the music is awful, and no one seems interested in the least, it is like a perfect storm of so bad, it becomes a masterpiece cinema. I could watch this over and over, as Blue Seduction is a glorious trainwreck and as such, earns a high recommendation.

I couldn’t ask for more from this cast, no one seems to care whatsoever and it shows, in awkward, often lifeless performances that are an absolute joy to watch. I have to think Billy Zane and his ridiculous wig steal the show here, as he takes phoning it in to a new level, responding to even the most tense, emotional moments with little to no reaction. When horrible things happen to him, he simply says “this sucks” and I have to admit, I admire his total lack of dedication. He doesn’t even try to mask his total disdain for the material and refuses to put any effort into his performance, but that simply makes it all the more hilarious. His deadpan facial expressions, his bored presence, and his moments of total dissociation are wonderful to witness, few thespians would dare put on this kind of awkward, flat turn and he deserves this recognition. Estella Warren is just as wacky here, though she does dial up the campiness more than Zane, not to mention her terrible musical segments. The cast also includes Jane Wheeler, Bernard Robichaud, and Mandy E. McClean.

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