Story: In order to save a few bucks and please greedy shareholders, the president of a chemical company has used blackmail, corruption, and fraud to ensure the nasty chemical waste produced doesn’t have a steep cost involved. Instead of properly disposing of the waste, which would be ethical but expensive, the waste is just dumped with no care or caution. This of course leads to serious problems, especially once the toxic waste has seeped into the local water and soil, causing environmental chaos, not to mention a tainted milk supply. When several young women drink the toxic milk, they’re dead within minutes and no one seems to want to look into the cases. But when the women rise from the dead as toxic zombies, will the locals start to understand the dangers involved?

Entertainment Value: A toxic blend of sleaze and undead gore, Revenge of the Living Dead Girls is a wild ride that builds toward an unhinged final act that defies all reason. In case you couldn’t tell, I had a blast with this one and that final act does indeed deliver, with a series of outlandish, inexplicable events that were so confusing and fun to watch. The narrative is typical zombie threads, though it does weave in political and religious corruption, environmental crises, and worker’s rights, even if they’re not explored in depth here. The first two acts are fun and wild in their own right, so this is not a slow burn at all, things just run off the rails in that wonderful last act. There is ample cheesiness, to be sure and to me, that is a positive in this case, as it amplifies the already wacky plot turns and set pieces, making the entire movie that much crazier to witness. The horror elements are unlikely to scare, but they have an odd atmosphere and entertain, not to mention the well crafted special effects involved. I found this to be a brisk horror ride that had more than its fair share of wild moments and memorable scenes, so Revenge of the Living Dead Girls is highly recommended.

This one has some sleaze, including over a handful of topless scenes, full frontal nudity, and some downright wacky sex scenes to top it all off. A quick highlight list includes hitchhiker fingering, a scientific crotch massage, a post coital shower, full undead nudity on showcase, and even using a zombie hand as a sex toy, quite a list here. There is a definite undercurrent of sleaze that runs through the whole movie, including a couple engaging in some doggy style in the backseat, only to have their car stolen during the fun by a trio of zombies. There is also some blood of course, with gut ripping, zombie attacks, a nasty, spurting eye trauma, and other smaller scale zombie related carnage. For me however, the stand out moments have to be a guy having his dick bitten off and a scene that involves a sword being used as an internal probe in a quite rude fashion. The dialogue? Not a tidal wave of wackiness, but a good deal of awkward, confusing, or out of place lines can be found here, including a few fun quotable exchanges that pop up. The needle is certainly moved on the overall insanity scale, as this one is off the wall and has so many odd, nonsensical moments to soak in. The final act alone racks up a lot of points, as there are a series of events where I thought, ok this is the end, but things continued to escalate in unexpected, hilarious, and mind numbing ways, which of course, I loved. A few highlights of the craziness include a super close warning shot, a handshake denial, aquatic zombies, a bladed zombie gangbang, a surprise molotov, and of course, the worst baby shower ever.

Nudity: 8/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

The Disc: Of course this is a Severin Films release, which means Revenge of the Living Dead Girls looks good and of course, is presented uncut. The treatment is very good, with a mostly clean print that shows only minor defects here and there, none of which impact the visual presence much. The detail level is solid and overall, I think the visuals represent the intended vision well. The extras include substantial interviews with special effects artist Benoit Lestang, writer Jean-Claude Roy, and director Pierre B. Reinhard, as well as the film’s theatrical trailer. The interviews are terrific and provide not only insights into this production, but the careers of those involved in general, so these are detailed interviews, well worth a look.

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