Story: Brutus Beefcake once held the tag team titles in the WWF and found success with his gimmick as The Barber, but he is likely best known for being Hulk Hogan’s toadie, enjoying a long career by riding The Hulkster’s coattails. He would bounce between gimmicks and companies, almost always following Hogan as he moved through the business. The Barber era would prove to be his finest hour, as later gimmicks, especially in WCW, proved to be awful or downright pathetic. Adding Beefcake and similar low card workers to the famous nWo would prove to sink the faction, but Hogan was in, so of course Brutus was allowed in as well. In this Timeline, Brutus sits down to talk about 1989 in the WWF and his interview is certainly a memorable experience.

Entertainment Value: I knew this would be an interesting interview as soon as Brutus appears, as he is clearly intoxicated. He slurs and rambles throughout the episode, so I don’t know if the reason he gives such ridiculous answers is due to his intoxication or just because he’s delusional, but based on his other interviews, I’d suspect a blend of both. I don’t mind a drunk shoot interview, as they are often wild and fun to watch, but the Timeline series seems like an odd place for this kind of outlandish interview, since Beefcake is certainly an unreliable narrator. I do love some of Sean Oliver’s reactions to Brutus’ claims, including some wide eyed “really?” responses that cracked me up. If you believe Beefcake, he was supposed to hold every belt and was every bit the draw that his buddy Hulk was, so expect a lot of total nonsense and baseless, laughable claims.

While Kayfabe Commentaries does center these Timelines around the interview subject, most of them touch on all of the different angles and big stories of that year, but of course, Brutus is reluctant to leave himself out of any of the stories. So no matter who is being discussed, no matter how unrelated he is, Brutus wedges himself into nearly all of these stories, kind of like a Forrest Gump character who is at the middle of every important moment. Hogan miss a show? Brutus main evented in his place and the fans were even louder for him than Hogan. What led to a specific feud? Well, Brutus was the first choice, but he was told he was too hot (white hot, always white hot) to lower himself to the angle, so that’s why the others were chosen. Wait until you see him mentally wrestle with “what does a barber do? how will I get over being a barber? Then I told Vince, I’ll cut hair!” and similar nonsense. This is basically an entire episode of “Brutus and Hulkster Rule the World,” so don’t expect much historical insight, but there is a spectacle appeal to Brutus’ delusions.

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