Story: Knick Carter (Sam Robinson) is convinced he is a master of solving mysteries, a detective on par even with the great Sherlock Holmes. He and his friend have a potential new case, as an inventor has requested their assistance. A kidnapper is on the loose and Carter plans to bring in the crook, but can even the great detective solve this one?

Entertainment Value: This 1918 short is quite interesting, a slapstick comedy inspired by Sherlock Holmes, featuring an all black cast. For this review, I watched an uncut version of the short, which runs at normal speed, but features some intense damage. There is a cut version as well, which features only the better condition frames, while running at a slow rate. In either case, the tone is light and there is one slapstick scene after another here. The short offers some laughs, but is perhaps more of value as a piece of historical merit. I found A Black Sherlock Holmes to be a brisk, enjoyable slapstick short and it should appeal to all fans of early cinema.

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