Story: This one runs just over thirty seconds, so there isn’t much of a narrative to discuss. The film finds Sherlock Holmes in a duel of sorts with burglar who plots to make off with a bag of ill gotten goods. He can’t seem to keep a lock on the criminal or the sack of loot however, thanks to some disappearing tricks that keep foiling his crime fighting attempts.

Entertainment Value: Sherlock Holmes Baffled is the earliest known appearance of Sherlock Holmes in a movie, so it is an interesting cinema curio, to be sure. Made in 1900 and with that short 38 second duration, it is a simple and brief exercise in filmmaking, but one that merits a look. The emphasis is on a visual effect to make either the loot or the crook vanish, with several quick sequences of that before the conclusion. I think it is a fun little short and obviously has great historical value, so for Sherlock Holmes fans or film buffs, this is a quick, worthwhile watch.

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