Story: The United States military has its hand in countless operations around the world, so it only makes sense they’d have their sights on the outer space realm as well. General Mills (John Migliori) has been researching and running experiments around alien life forms, but when the power source from a UFO crash is found, he knows he can really ramp up his work. The power source is retrieved by a rescue squad of sorts, who fend off Amazonian warriors to secure the alien tech. But before the military can capitalize on one of the most top secret projects, a subject escapes and that creates a real panic. The subject is Konga, a small ape that has been put through Alien DNA experiments, making it ripe with potential power. The ape is found by two young children, who fall in love with the cute Konga, but Mills and the might of the entire nation are in motion to track down the escaped ape.

Entertainment Value: This movie has some colorful, dynamic artwork on its various covers, but how accurate those depictions are is up for debate. I should mention right from the start, Konga TNT is a monster movie that uses both an obvious stuffed animal and someone inside a cheap gorilla suit. I have no issue with that, but I can see how some might be confused, based on the promotional artwork. This flick is micro budget, homebrew filmmaking all the way and of course, that is going to have some appeal for some genre fans. Those who need high end special effects or pro actors might be turned off by Konga TNT, but I think this one ends up being more fun than it should be, thanks in large part to that intangible indie spirit. The narrative is about what you’d expect and while the kids can be annoying, the writing does what it needs to do to set up the humor and more action driven scenes. I also appreciated that the movie remains brisk throughout, with a shorter than average duration and a pace that keeps the attention span zoned in. The nature of Konga TNT’s production is going to run some viewers off, but for those who can enjoy lame humor and terrible special effects, it is worth a look.

No nakedness. This is a family friendly type monster movie, so no surprise that sleaze is non existent. The same applies to the blood quotient, as the action is mild and doesn’t turn to bloodshed. But there is some mild destruction that unfolds and that proves to be among the highlights, at least for me. There is also a wealth of stock footage on hand here, mostly military related to add some illusion of scale to the picture. So no sleaze and only mild monster movie violence, but that makes sense in this case. The dialogue has some fun lines and some downright terrible humor at times, so some points are scored. How much you enjoy the writing will depend on your taste toward dad jokes and groan type humor, which are frequent here. There are also some bad sex jokes that will either make you cringe or laugh at how flat the humor hits. As for general craziness, the ultra low rent production values, wacky special effects, forest amazons, terrible green screen work, and hilarious takes on the monstrous ape, Konga TNT earns a few points on the scale.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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