Story: Anna (Jana Kramer) is going through a lot of serious life changes, centered around discovering her husband had been cheating on her. She left her unfaithful partner, moved in with her cousin, and now wants to start a new life for her and her children. When she struggles to find consistent work, Anna is approached by her cousin, who runs a local massage parlor. At first Anna is skeptical, because she knows that her cousin allows happy ending massages at her parlor, but she could really use some cash. This leads to a compromise of sorts, with Anna taking on a manager type role and in short order, she sparks new growth at the business. But a clash of perspectives finds her out on her own once again, as she believes she can build a large scale operation, while her cousin wanted to keep things small and under tight control. Anna’s plan seems to have potential, as she has a business plan and some innovative ideas, but can she turn her ideas into a profitable, exclusive escort service?

Entertainment Value: As this picture is based on real life events, it eschews the usual Lifetime thriller formula for amore straight forward narrative. While I did miss the wild, over top thriller elements, I also have to give the film credit, as it dials up the sexual content. In a Lifetime movie, we see all kinds of sexual fetishes discussed, from enemas to domination to saran wrap and beyond. These scenes are of course never graphic, but for a Lifetime movie, Soccer Mom Madam ups the ante, to be sure. The story is fine, if predictable and linear, as opposed to Lifetime’s usual ramped up, psycho driven thrillers. The sex keeps things a little more interesting, but the narrative here didn’t do a lot to keep me reeled in. I found Soccer Mom Madam to be watchable and that’s about as far as I can go, as this isn’t all that entertaining or memorable. I would have liked some dialed up drama or more conflict in the story, but as it stands, the sex is only real heat here. But if you like the less intense, more straight ahead Lifetime movies, then perhaps you’ll appreciate this one more than I did.

Although the movie overall didn’t resonate with me, the cast of Soccer Mom Madam is solid across the board, even if no one delivers that standout type performance. Jana Kramer is here as the titular soccer mom and she is solid, but nondescript. That isn’t an insult at all and she carries the lead well enough, but the role doesn’t push her skills and she seems content with that. She does have some scenes where she is able to raise the bar a little, such as the saran wrap sequence, so there is that. Leah Gibson is also good as the cousin and Jessica Sipos is solid as always, though again, neither really shines or showcases their talents here. Again, I don’t think the cast dropped the ball, I just wish there was more spark to the performances overall. The cast also includes Samantha di Fransesco, Tanya Jade, Matty Finochio, and Michael Patrick Denis.

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