Story: A friendly softball game has sparked some serious problems, when a team of redneck men are defeated by a women’s squad. Unable to cope with the loss, the men stew over being shown up by a women’s team and can’t seem to let it go. This leads to some talk about payback, which with alcohol flowing and masculinities wounded, becomes a concept that is soon demanded by the bested men. As the women and their coach clean up and prepare to head out, little do they know how deeply the egos of their opponents have been bruised. After a violent confrontation with the women’s coach (Ross Hagen), the women find themselves on the run and hunted down by the drunk, angry players they dusted on the field. The men know the area, are armed, and determined to settle the score, but can the women somehow thwart those plans and escape the softball game from hell?

Entertainment Value: Blood Games has a vibe like Deliverance crossed with I Spit on Your Grave, a kind of exploitation slanted survival horror movie. I do want to mention there is a rape/revenge angle involved here, so be aware of that before you sit down to watch. This one is a little rougher than some of its genre peers, with dialed up violence and nastiness at times. Blood Games reels it in when it starts to really go over the top, but the final showdowns deliver some memorable moments. So don’t expect nonstop brutality here, but there is a meaner edge here, despite some outlandish bursts of humor. I appreciated the hicksploitation elements in Blood Games, as they’re quite heavy handed and provide both cringe and humor. I mean, there’s an arm wrestling match in a rundown bar covered in confederate flags, that’s just the kind of good old boys featured here. The narrative isn’t deep or memorable, but it sets the stage for the horror and survival that needs to unfold. I found the cast to be effective and most seem to put some gusto in their performances, for better or worse. George “Buck” Flower is a highlight and drives in some comic relief, while Laura Albert is more than capable in the lead role, or the closest role to a lead here. Some horror, some rednecks, some sleaze, Blood Games has it all and is recommended to those interested.

The sleaze here isn’t off the charts, but there are a fair amount of topless scenes and bare asses, including some social showering time. There is also a memorable scene that involves waterfall sunbathing and while the nudity is never overly graphic here, there is enough to rack up some points. I also want to reiterate that are scenes of sexual assault, for those who might want to skip the movie as a result. On the blood scale, there is a good amount of bow & arrow action and that means arrow wounds are on the menu. There are also assorted fights, including one between two very upset old men, a classic eye rake, and a super fun highfall stunt. Not a lot of violence and even less gore, but there is some blood on hand and some enjoyable action set pieces. The dialogue has some hilarious girl talk, especially during the wild shower scene, while the rednecks provide the humor and other memorable lines. A lot of good old boy talk and backwoods humor, since the old boys needle each other from time to time. The g-string vs. g-spot exchange is a highlight in the dialogue section, to be sure. As for general wackiness, the movie isn’t as over the top or trashy as it could have been, but there’s some silliness to mention. The movie gives us a creepy janitor, questionable softball uniforms, the rednecks as a whole, and some awkward male bonding.

Nudity: 4/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 4/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

The Disc: A new 2k restoration was undertaken for this release, sourced from the original interpositive and of course, it looks fantastic. The visuals look so clean and clear here, I would have never guessed Blood Games would be given this kind of lush visual treatment. The colors of the forest light up, black levels are dead on, and overall detail is simply beyond even my highest expectations. Vinegar Syndrome has once again worked their magic and made a genre movie look better than ever. The extras include interviews with stars Laura Albert and Ken Carpenter, as well as promotional stills and the film’s theatrical trailer.

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