Plot: A paperhanger (Oliver Hardy) and his assistant (Bobby Ray) arrive at a sanitarium, to do what they do best, hang some paper. But the boss seems to want to relax more than put in hard work, while the assistant might be willing to handle the task, though his skills are less than effective. As if that wasn’t enough, the various residents of the sanitarium become interested in the activities. This turns what should be a simple job into a wild, hapless series of events.

Entertainment Value: Also known as The Paperhanger’s Helper, Stick Around is a brisk, quite silly silent short. At the center of the piece are Oliver Hardy and Bobby Ray, who are in roles similar to what we would see from Hardy and his eventual partner, Stan Laurel. Of course, Hardy and Ray aren’t able to conjure that same kind of magic here and while the humor is present, it never rises above some light laughs. The slapstick is fine, but lacks creative set ups and scenarios, so it gets a chuckle, but doesn’t stick with you once the joke has finished. That isn’t harsh criticism however, as it is meant to be light, fluff humor and in that regard, Stick Around is solid. So not a classic of silent comedy, but worth a look.

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