Plot: Mina (Melody Wiggins) just wanted a romantic romp on the beach, but instead she and her beloved were attacked by violent thugs. The love of her life killed right in front of her, Mina had to think fast in order to protect herself and avoid the same fate. A quick trip to a motel room, a knife in her butt cheeks, and a blood soaked comforter later, she was clear of the danger. But the world is filled with evils of all kinds, so while Mina is safe for the moment, a vicious gang leader preys on the innocent, even as the police try to close in for the capture. But what will happen when Mina, the various law officials, and the criminals converge in one showdown after another?

Entertainment Value: Now this is a movie. This action classic took over decades to complete and it was well worth the wait, as Dangerous Men is a one of a kind ride through cinematic chaos. All the traditional rules of cinema are jettisoned and the movie just unleashes one memorable moment after another, with a parade of strange people, inexplicable plot jumps, outlandish dialogue, and at times, total nonsense, all of which never fails to entertain. The narrative is a mind melter that makes no attempts to make sense or stick with a consistent plot line, instead it drops characters at will and throws all common sense out the window. I’ve seen a good amount of movies, but very few are as flat out unpredictable and off the rails as Dangerous Men, which is a sincere compliment to this picture. Of course, some will scoff at the ridiculous performances and confusing narrative, but for those who appreciate outsider cinema or the more bizarre side of film, there is massive entertainment here. I had an absolute blast with the hokey action scenes, but it is the dialogue and strange plot twists that really drive this one, you never know what one of these colorful characters might do or say, no matter how unlikely or nonsensical it might be. I can’t recommend Dangerous Men enough, immense fun and a once in a lifetime kind of motion picture.

This movie has some nakedness and of course, some bizarre sex scenes. This includes a belly button fetish, knee rubbing, a naked man’s extensive desert excursion, and more than a few sex scenes on deck. In addition to the old man’s bare ass and creative dick blocking techniques, we have a number of topless scenes, bare asses, and even some full frontal on showcase. This is the kind of movie where a woman hides a knife between her ass cheeks, ever poised to strike with an assassin’s touch. There’s also frequent violence and even some bloodshed, but not much graphic gore to be seen. The movie has martial arts, shootouts, chases, and a woman who wields a butt knife, so a little red stuff splashes around, but not much. But a good amount of action is on screen, so there’s that. Ah, the dialogue of Dangerous Men. This is pure gold, awkward, outlandish, and quotable lines delivered by the bushel, brought to life by colorful performers in styles that range from stilted and wooden and wildly over the top. Even basic conversations here yield strange and humorous exchanges, so this movie earns some serious points here. On the craziness front, come on. A constant stream of insanity flows from this tap, all presented in sincere, serious fashion, which only amplifies the madness. Dangerous Men more than earns the full score in this department.

Nudity: 6/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 10/10

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