Plot: After a misunderstanding over a broken window, a man (Buster Keaton) is hauled in front of a judge by a woman (Kate Price) so that he can be punished. But things take an unexpected turn when the judge speaks no English, just Polish and assumes the two have entered court to be married. This finds the man in unwanted matrimony, but if he thinks his new bride is rough around the edges, that sentiment is taken to new levels as he meets the rest of her family. While he sticks out like a sore thumb in the household, when the family suspects he comes from money, they’re all determined to make sure he sticks around.

Entertainment Value: I wouldn’t rank this with Buster Keaton’s best shorts, but My Wife’s Relations has some humorous moments and Keaton is always fun to watch, even outside of his more classic work. I like the narrative here, as it is a simple setup and one that has universal appeal, as most people have clashes with the families of significant others, though perhaps not to these levels. The pre-court scenes are fun, with some good slapstick and Buster’s clashes with the family have some moments, but the tone feels restrained and the slapstick is held in check. So the movie never pops or lets loose, opting for a more subdued approach instead. I still think there are some good laughs in My Wife’s Relations, but if you’re looking for mile a minute gags or Keaton’s danger filled stunts, no such luck here. Even so, this short still earns a solid recommendation, as it does entertain most of the time.

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