Plot: Brenda (Ginger Lynn) is excited to celebrate her 90 day anniversary with her new boyfriend, who seems to have a special surprise in store. But when he takes her to a satanic cult ritual instead of dinner and a movie, Brenda freaks out and is adamant against becoming the newest member. This is not good news for the cult of course, so they quickly frame her as being involved in the ritualistic death of a young woman, landing her behind bars. But she finds an assist from John Stockton (Wings Hauser), a kind defense attorney who believes she is innocent. He offers to pay her bail and even give her a place to stay, as he has worked with countless innocent people before and wants to see justice served. But the cult is displeased that she is on the loose, so can she survive long enough to clear her name?

Entertainment Value: This movie has Wings Hauser, Ginger Lynn, and a Satanic cult, so you know Mind, Body & Soul is a fun one. The narrative is basic, but lets the movie get down to business and showcase a stream of bare breasts, some outlandish cult scenes, and of course, the glory that is Wings Hauser. I don’t think anyone will be stunned by the twists and turns in this one, but the story works well enough and isn’t the real focus, at least not in most scenes. I’d think the emphasis was on the ladies here, with consistent topless sequences and some awkward sex scenes, but the cult earns a good deal of screen time as well. I think the cult scenes are some of the most memorable, as it comes off as so bargain basement, you can’t help but be entertained. The cult altar looks like a high school play, which might sound like criticism, but in a film of this kind, couldn’t be higher praise, as it adds so much b movie appeal. The movie also has some mild action scenes, including a silly fight scene that is humorous to watch, I just wish there was more of the awkward fisticuffs here. The pace does drag in a few places, but there’s more than enough wackiness and fun to compensate. So for fans of Hauser or direct to video b movies, this one is recommended.

The cast adds a lot to Mind, Body & Soul, with a wide range of performances from over the top to wooden, all quite fun in their own ways. I am always glad to see Wings Hauser around and while he doesn’t have the lead in this one, he has a good amount of screen time and is given some fun moments to shine. He really goes bananas in the finale, but he is able to give us yet another character we can’t trust, even if he seems likable and wild, a specialty of Hauser’s. I like that he brings such an almost nervous energy to the table here, as if at any second he could erupt into chaos, it adds a lot of fun to his role and the movie in general. His presence is likely enough to lure in b movie fans and direct to video fanatics. Ginger Lynn has the lead and she looks great, drops top often, and gives us a wooden, stilted performance. But there is entertainment in that, especially in the more serious, dramatic moments, so no complaints there. She is a game lead and does what she can, so while perhaps her effort isn’t going to dazzle, it is fun to watch and in this movie, that is what counts. The cast also includes Tamara Clatterbuck, Mark Richardson, and John Henry Richardson.

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