Plot: Alex (Alex Magana) is in great shape and has a responsible lifestyle, but he struggles when it comes to romance. He just seems to strike out with the ladies, despite his success in other social avenues. Meanwhile his friend Matt (Matt Lowe) has been able to score a beautiful girlfriend, even though he is out of shape and still lives at home with his mother, who happens to be a stripper. The two might be polar opposites, but they’re best friends and soon they become even closer, when a bum with some kind of voodoo powers crosses their path. After a slap in the face from the transient, the two wake up to a big problem, they’ve switched bodies. Alex has a triathalon coming up and Matt has to prepare for a stand up show, but with their bodies switched, things begin to spiral out of control. Can the friends figure out this supernatural situation in time to salvage their own lives or is the switch a permanent one?

Entertainment Value: The premise here is not an original one, but Slapped: The Movie has a good amount of indie charm and is never afraid to push the envelope, leading to some wild scenarios. The narrative is one we’ve seen time and again, but Slapped doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and stays within the expected plot movements, relying on over the top humor to balance things out. The movie’s sense of humor is likely to offend the more sensitive viewers, as it never shies away from sexual jokes or even dark humor, often going for broke. So if you like outrageous humor that has little to no boundaries, you’ll find some solid entertainment here. Of course, if you’re easily offended or don’t like no holds barred comedy, this one might not win you over. I liked Slapped: The Movie, but I think the main issue is the pace involved, as it does slow down at times and runs on the long side. At almost two hours, this just feels too drawn out and if it were more concise and focused, I think the experience would be more effective. But for an indie comedy, Slapped: The Movie is quite a solid watch, provided you appreciate over the top, gross out humor.

Alex Magana wears a lot of hats when it comes to Slapped: The Movie, as the film’s editor, producer, cinematographer, director, and one of the lead actors, but he seems to balance it all with skill. He and costar Matt Lowe wrote the movie together and have the leads, so you can tell this was a personal project for both, especially when you see the energy and enthusiasm both show on screen. Magana and Lowe have good chemistry as a comedy duo, as they come off as having a genuine friendship and that makes the banter feel natural. And given how much of Slapped: The Movie centers on the two having verbal duels, that is a crucial element of the picture. I liked how fearless the two performers are here as well, as both seem to embrace even the silliest, most outrageous moments, all in the name of getting a laugh or two. The cast also includes Adam Dunlap, Erin Hagen, and Kylee Wofford.

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