Plot: Vic (Jeff Sibbach) was once a titan of the wrestling circuit, but when he killed an opponent in the squared circle, he stepped away from the sport and took a much different path in life. Now Vic runs a group home and he hosts a colorful band of youth offenders in need of guidance, a job he is well suited for, since even these troublemakers won’t push him around. He runs a tight ship and while he has some unorthodox methods, he manages to get through to the kids. But when new staff member Steve (Brick Bronsky) arrives, his more laid back, progressive approach is at odds with Vic’s hard nosed leadership style. The power struggle takes a backseat however, as some of the teens start to turn up dead. Has Vic snapped once again and gone on a murderous rampage or is there a darker force at work?

Entertainment Value: Movies like this make life worth living. Shot in 1994, but shelved for over two decades, Masked Mutilator was finally released to the public and thank the maker for that. The film was given new bookend segments, but the bulk of the run time is the 1994 content and in truth, the newly created podcast segments work well and aren’t a concern at all. The story of Masked Mutilator is an awesome one, as it is simply ridiculous in premise and then spirals into total 90s chaos, in a blend of horror, action, and quasi after school special. The movie runs under 80 minutes and wastes no time whatsoever, delivering colorful characters, outlandish dialogue, and low rent, but high entertainment action sequences. I love the performances, as the cast seems invested and brings a lot of enthusiasm to the roles, which means the already outrageous lines are that much more off the deep end. This kind of material benefits greatly from a game cast and Masked Mutilator is no exception, the cast shows up to go for broke and the film is taken to another level as a result. I had immense fun with this one, as the movie just had all I could have wanted from a regional 90s indie horror/wrestling movie plus more and as such, is highly, highly recommended.

If you like awkward seductions, you’ll love this movie, as it features one of the all time greats in that area. A young woman advises her potential mate of her recent shower, which has left her nice and loose. Aside from that glorious sequence, Masked Mutilator features several topless scenes and a nice landing strip during a full frontal scene, so it isn’t shy about the naked flesh. This is a horror movie about pro wrestlers, so you know it packs some fun violence. The bloodshed is effective, but don’t expect buckets of gore, as that doesn’t happen here. But the blood flows in non graphic ways and the movie is smart about how it implements the crimson, making you think you see a lot more than you actually do. The fight scenes are a lot of fun as well, incorporating all manner of pro wrestling movies into the mix. As for the dialogue, this is a goldmine of quotable, off the wall, and awkward lines. So many wonderful, memorable exchanges and one liners, it is like manna from heaven, to say the least. As I said before, the cast really goes for it and that makes the dialogue so much more fun. I mean wall to wall greatness, easily earns the full score. On the craziness front, the constant flow of wild dialogue, colorful characters brought to life by a game cast, unpredictable atmosphere, and that special “it” factor push the score up. I found the movie to be an absolute blast and will be revisiting it time and again.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 10/10

Overall Insanity: 8/10

The Disc: The wonderful folks at Intervision Picture Corp have blessed with this Blu-ray release and the movie looks great, both the newly shot scenes and original filmed elements are up to snuff. Of course, the new scenes are razor sharp and the older footage shows its low budget roots, but that is unavoidable. The 90s scenes are the bulk of the movie and while a little rough, I can’t imagine how Masked Mutilator could look better and genre fans should be more than satisfied. The extras include a candid and informative cast & crew commentary, some audition tapes, and several interviews, again candid and open in content. You’ll learn about how the movie was made, but also the wild journey it took to finally find a release. A cool extra rounds out the disc with Mean Gene Okerlund interviewing star Tom Taylor at what seems to be a convention, quite a neat inclusion.

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