Plot: Carolyn (Lorynn York) is a beautiful young woman who has found a way to turn her looks into cold, hard cash, working as a cam girl online. She puts on private shows for her clients and rakes in a good amount of money, which she plans to use to fund her dream lifestyle. When she reveals her new line of work to her cousin Alex (Sedona Legge), there is concern over Carolyn’s safety, as dealing with strangers on the internet isn’t always a safe option. But Carolyn insists that she never meets the men from the cam rooms, despite some considerable cash temptations, though Alex still worries about her cousin’s involvement. When one of her clients makes an offer to meet in person that is too rich to pass up, Carolyn agrees to an encounter at a motel, but disappears after she enters the room. Now Alex has to forge her own investigation to try to help her cousin, but it is already too late?

Entertainment Value: This is a fun, melodramatic Lifetime thriller that even has some mild horror movie vibes at times, brought to us by the same director that delivered the Stalked by My Doctor series. While Web Cam Girls doesn’t hit the entertainment peaks of that all time classic franchise, it is a well crafted thriller that is packed with little details, interesting characters, and a terrific cast. The narrative is effective and is able to keep you hooked, thanks to a brisk pace and a lean approach. I love when Lifetime hits the panic button on internet themes, so I appreciated the web cam thread and to the script’s credit, it builds the narrative around that premise, rather than just toss the online trend into an unrelated plot. Web Cam Girls takes a more melodramatic route than most of the network’s thrillers, so even if it doesn’t reach the stratospheric mania of some of its peers, it is quite dialed up and fun to watch. I wouldn’t have minded more wild confrontations or dysfunctional outbursts, but there’s a good amount of amped up drama here, without question. So we have a good, game cast, great slimy villains, and melodrama, so of course Web Cam Girls earns a recommendation.

I think the cast is one of the film’s best assets, as we have an ensemble that runs with the melodrama and for Lifetime fans, you might appreciate seeing a couple of experienced network faces in Web Cam Girls. Sedona Legge has a central role and she is solid, with a performance that covers all the bases and she plays off her costars quite well. This is an important aspect of her role here, as her character might not be that interesting, but she interacts with some colorful ones. So she needs to keep pace in those scenes and she does, which elevates the entire movie. This is such a strength of Web Cam Girls, as even the smaller roles have been so well cast and those supporting characters make a big difference in the film’s end result. A movie like this needs some sleazy guys lurking around and this movie delivers with more than one, but I think Stephen Graybill takes the slimeball cake in this one. I was also glad to see Jon Briddell back in a Lifetime movie and given an interesting role, while the always impressive Tonya Kay steals the show at times in a dynamic performance. The cast also includes Maxine Bahns, Arianne Zucker, and Lorynn York.

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