Plot: Nick (Bobby Campo) is at the race track with his friends, though he isn’t that interested in the event itself. His friend Hunt (Nick Zano) is no fan either, but he wants to see an epic crash and soon enough, his wish is granted, though the carnage spreads far beyond the track. A series of tragic events leads to a partial collapse, a massive pile up, and numerous people dead, including Nick and his friends. Or so Nick thought, but as it turns out, it was just a vision and now, he panics and rushes to get his friends clear and in the process, a few others find themselves outside the track as well. When the accident unfolds just as Nick envisioned, he is terrified, but some of the others are just grateful to be alive. But have they evaded death’s embrace or like those whispered about in rumors, will Nick and the others soon face off with death in a fight for survival, as the grave seeks to claim those who cheated the grim reaper?

Entertainment Value: This is the fourth volume in the Final Destination series and as we all now know, it was not in fact the final Final Destination. I loved the second and third installments, as they embraced the b movie vibes and focused on creative kills, while the original was more of a straight forward teen horror movie, so I hoped this sequel would lean toward the former. As it turns out, the movie does have more camp than emo drama, which is great news, but overall it feels like a few steps back from the craziness of the previous two pictures. The big opening melee is decent, but the actual kills that follow and the trail of death’s vengeance aren’t as creative or fun this time around. I think one issue is that so much emphasis was placed on the 3D elements, which hinders the potential of the deaths and the movie is more concerned with that gimmick than anything else. I still think some of the kills are wild and memorable, but too many are just “here’s something flying toward the camera.” I also feel like the campiness has been toned down, so this isn’t as over the top and fun as the previous two, but it also isn’t as overly serious as the original. So perhaps a happy medium that will please some fans, but I hoped it would be an outlandish, super fun ride. While The Final Destination is a step down from the last two installments, it still some moments and is a brisk watch, so fans of the series should have fun here.

This series has never been heavy on the sleaze, but this volume is lighter than usual and has just one topless scene. I am sure in 3D it was a memorable moment, but on a normal session, not so much. The violence is more prominent however, with some nice splashes of the red stuff, but the movie recycles the nail gun kill and relies on a lot of similar, impalement style deaths. There’s one that stands out, as the pole drives through the man’s mouth, but we’ve seen similar in an earlier Final Destination movie, then the returns to that kind of kill are rather dull. But we have a wild death via tire, a fun kill that involves a chain link fence, and a play on the pool drain urban legend, which has a goopy finish. So a few creative, over the top kills here, but mostly stuff we’ve seen before and even repeated multiple times in this movie, which shouldn’t happen in a series known for its wild deaths. The dialogue reflects the shift from colorful, b movie style vibes, as the characters are basic and generic, which leads to less lines that are fun or wild. Hunt is a douche, so he has a few corkers to unload, but otherwise the writing here is pretty standard stuff. This holds true in the general craziness as well, a few spikes in wackiness around Hunt and the more inventive kills, but The Final Destination never even tries to go off the deep end.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 1/10

Overall Insanity: 1/10

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