Plot: These lovable scamps might be man’s best friend, but some dogs do more than just look cute and play fetch. In Dogs on the Job, we’re taken inside the lives of all kinds of canines that punch the clock and go beyond the call of duty, to put their dog skills into action. In addition to visits with working dogs to see how they’re lending a paw, this series also examines the training process of these incredible animals and even a look back at how dogs became so close with humans. You’ll learn about herding dogs and sled pulling canines, search and rescue sniffers, dogs that serve alongside the police and even military forces, those who help people with various disabilities, general companionship, and of course, those pups who become television and film stars. These topics are each given a good amount of examination and those interested in the world of dogs should appreciate this inside look at their professional lives.

Entertainment Value: Dogs on the Job is a seven part series, which each episode devoted to one topic or field where dogs have proven to be useful. The entire series runs well over three hours in duration, so while the pups might be cute, these are not just fluff style programs. The tone is light however, so while these are quite informative, they’re also brisk enough for younger viewers. I think kids will love seeing a little history on how dogs became our trusted allies, how they’re trained for these various jobs, and then getting to see them in action. But old or young, viewers should take away an enhanced appreciation for the canines of the world, as these dogs prove they’ve more than earned their place at mankind’s side. I also appreciated that so many aspects of how dogs can contribute to our world are explored, the assorted jobs of course, but also the value of protection and companionship. Mill Creek’s release collects all seven episodes in solid looking presentations, plus includes a digital version, so you can access the content from numerous devices.