Plot: The small town of Normal, Texas has a killer stalking its streets, but not just some lowlife thug or even serial killer, but an animalistic savage that is mutilating its victims beyond belief. The local police are on the case, but this isn’t the kind of law enforcement that instills confidence in the justice system, as Sheriff Hardwood (E. Lee Smith) is a brash, often racist gentleman who berates his deputy, as he thinks he is an illegal alien incapable of basic thoughts. At the same time, his dim witted son shambles around unattended, setting the case back more than anything else. As more bodies pile up, it becomes clear that no mere man could be responsible, so it becomes a hunt for a werewolf, likely one ingesting recreational narcotics. But can Hardwood and his boys somehow crack the case, even with help from some offbeat sources or will this weed wolf prey on the entire town of Normal?

Entertainment Value: This is one wild ride, a micro budget cocktail of horror and comedy that veers all over the place, but retains an over the top, crude sense of humor throughout. The balance leans more toward the comic elements, so there aren’t scares or eerie atmosphere, but Weed Wolf has some low rent gore and violence, as well as a horror slanted narrative. This isn’t subtle humor either, but slapstick, anything goes comedy that holds no topic sacred, so if you’re easily triggered, you will likely be offended at least a few times. This no holds barred, freestyle approach to the humor leads to some outlandish, hilarious moments to be sure, but also some airballs that fall with a distinct thud. But this is true of all comedies, so to expect every joke to land is a little unrealistic. The other issue I have with Weed Wolf is that it runs almost two hours and feels thin at that length, as the narrative is loose and the humor runs out of gas at times. Even so, there is more fun than bad to be had here, with a lot of outrageous lines and characters, so I don’t want to be too harsh. If you appreciate wild, low rent cinema that goes for broke, for better or worse, Weed Wolf is a movie that deserves a look, as it is fearless in that respect.

This one doesn’t skimp on the bare breasts, with a number of topless scenes throughout, including some segments that just are closeups of the boobs. So not the most titillating of nude scenes perhaps, but a host of beautiful breasts are on showcase in Weed Wolf, so it earns some points. There is some violence and even bloodshed here, but it isn’t graphic and is presented for laughs, more than scares or shock. The wolf slashes a few people and that leaves some red tinted wounds, while other scenes splash around some blood, but again, nothing too intense or graphic. I love low rent gore effects, so I wouldn’t have minded a few more over the top kills, but given the emphasis on humor over horror, the movie doesn’t suffer without buckets of blood. The dialogue is where Weed Wolf shines, as it is packed with outlandish, nonsensical, and hilarious exchanges, with no regard for good taste or social boundaries. Of course, some will find the writing to be childish and random, which it is, but if you appreciate ridiculous, over the top dialogue, you should find some gems here. I had to rewind a few times, as a line would come out of nowhere that was just so ludicrous, I had to hear it again. On the craziness front, this is more slapstick than outright insanity, but the bizarre dialogue and outlandish elements ensure some points are scored here.

Nudity: 3/10

Blood: 3/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10

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