Plot: As superhero movies have dominated cinemas of late, Robin has watched one hero after another given their own movie. Although he has hoped and hoped, Robin still hasn’t been able to star in his own movie or even a Teen Titans motion picture, though he has heard a big announcement is scheduled soon. So he and the other Teen Titans sneak into the next superhero movie premiere, certain that a Teen Titans flick will be revealed, only to be let down once again. Alfred is announced in his own film and so is Batman’s Utility Belt, which proves to be the final straw and Robin loses it, tired of not being seen as a real hero. In order to get a movie, the Teen Titans realize they need a true arch nemesis, an epic villain to do battle with. So Robin and the others make a plan to start a real feud with Slade, while also using various tricks to clear some other heroes out of contention. But is Robin’s plan going to land them a coveted movie deal or have the Teen Titans bitten off more than they can chew?

Entertainment Value: I had an absolute blast with Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, one of my favorite recent superhero movies and easily one of the most fun, a perfect blend of love letter and meta laced satire of the genre. The Teen Titans Go! series is eleven minute bursts of content, but the material shifts to feature length adventure with ease and captures that big screen texture. This is mostly thanks to some razor sharp writing that delivers a larger scale narrative that keeps viewers hooked in, while also putting the cinematic potential to good use in other ways. The set pieces are more cinematic and there’s just a lot more going on, so this feels like a movie with a lot of moving parts, rather than an expanded episode of the show. The movie also manages to pay tribute to the superhero films that paved the way, but also get in a lot of sly, smart barbs to poke fun, though it always comes from a place of love. In short, this is a celebration of all things superhero cinema and while Deadpool might have beaten them to the meta punch, this approach is still effective here. The pace is brisk and the run time is under 90 minutes, so the movie wastes no time, but is still able to fit in a competent narrative and plenty of humorous tangents to boot. I loved Teen Titans Go! To the Movies and as such, give it a high recommendation. Even if you don’t normally like superhero movies, this one might win you over.

The animation here is what you’d expect from the Teen Titans Go! realm, which means vibrant colors and cartoonish, over the top designs. I love the way the movie looks and the animation is so polished in this feature, so the Teen Titans have never looked better and fans should eat this up. I appreciated all the attention to detail on showcase, from small elements in the background to the subtle mannerisms of the characters, so there’s a lot to soak in. I also think this is the kind of animation that yields new little details each time you watch, if you keep a watchful eye open. The bold colors and creative visual design elements really come to life often, with some memorable and inventive set pieces that shine. The voice cast is impressive as well and if for no other reason, you should see this just to experience Nicolas Cage as Superman. Cage is a massive fan of Superman of course, so to finally have him in the role is a real treat and while his screen time is low, he provides a suitable performance. Will Arnett is also a standout as Slade, giving the movie a fun, memorable villain. The cast also includes Tara Strong, Tom Kenny, Patton Oswalt, and Kristen Bell.

The Disc: Warner Brothers issued the movie on Blu-ray and the vivid visuals come to life in grand fashion, so this is a terrific treatment. Those bright, rich colors really look good in this edition and the animation comes across as refined, giving us a detail, silky smooth overall presentation. The extras include three promotional featurettes, a trio of sing-a-long songs, a Lil Yachty music video, and some deleted scenes.

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