Plot: As World War I winds down, the Allies are gearing up for the final push and victory seems all but assured. But rumors of a biological weapons lab persist and if such a place exists and was active, it could turn the tide back to the Germans. So a squadron of Allied forces are dispatched to explore the suspected area, which leads them through a labyrinthine underground bunker. The lab is supposed to be abandoned, but that isn’t the case and the soldier soon run into the results of the horrific experiments, men infected with some unknown parasite. This condition is contagious and leads to violent outbursts, as well as a painful, unfathomable death for those unlucky enough to host the infection. As the Allies try to survive, evade infection, and contain the situation, paranoia grows and sadistic surprises await.

Entertainment Value: If the premise sounds familiar, it should, as Trench 11 has some obvious inspirations, from Aliens to The Thing. The latter proves to be a more consistent influence, as the slow burn tension and ever present paranoia are crucial elements in Trench 11. The narrative is solid, but the atmosphere is what drives this one and the suspense is palpable, especially as the movie progresses. I think the slow burn pace might turn off some viewers, but the movie balances that with bursts of gore and vivid body horror elements. So some shocks are thrown in when needed to juice the mood, giving a slight tension release, before picking back up and ratcheting the suspense back higher than ever. But some scenes do feel overly drawn out and I also think more confined spaces could have worked wonders, as the environments feel a little too open in most sequences. Even so, Trench 11 provides some good atmosphere, body horror, and bursts of violence. So if you’re a fan of indie horror or just love gross parasitic worms, Trench 11 should be on your list.

No nakedness. This one has a minor romance thread, but no sexual content, so just a kiss is all the sleaze on showcase. Trench 11 has some fun bloodshed however, with bursts of parasitic gore that help vent the tension and liven up the pace. These gore effects are practical and look quite good, with some disgusting worm related moments that are likely to creep out a lot of viewers. The parasites squirm in all kinds of crevices and orifices, so fun stuff all around. There’s also some gun related violence, infected attacks that yield some nice wounds, and a memorable autopsy scene that boasts likely the best gore in the picture. The dialogue is fine and gets the job done, but isn’t wild or over the top, so no points. But that doesn’t mean the writing is weak, it is just straight forward and not the wackiness we reward here. As for the craziness, those lovable parasites add some creepiness, but otherwise, Trench 11 is more of a serious, atmosphere chiller than a crazed, over the top horror ride.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 6/10

Dialogue: 0/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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