Plot: Deuce (Rob Schneider) is a hapless gent who cleans aquariums and while he makes little cash, he loves his work and his passion for fish means he gets a lot of satisfaction from his profession. When he meets male gigolo Antoine (Oded Fehr), he is floored by his lavish aquarium and even more impressed that Antoine pays for his luxurious lifestyle by pleasing women. Deuce notices that one Antoine’s rare, expensive fish is sick and when the gigolo has to leave town on business, he tasks Deuce to babysit the fish. But when Deuce shatters the high end aquarium and is desperate to replace it before Antoine’s return, so he reaches out to some of the gigolo’s more eccentric clients to try to make some quick cash. But can an outcast like Deuce manage to make enough money in time, even with some help from a master man-whore?

Entertainment Value: This one has a fun premise and some decent laughs at times, but drags often and in the end, winds up as a mediocre comedy that happens to have some wild, memorable lines. Of course, given how some of these lowbrow, Happy Madison movies turn out, perhaps mediocre is a win of sorts, as at least Deuce Bigalow has those memorable scenes. The narrative is a total mess, but it doesn’t matter, as this is more about colorful characters and outlandish humor. The movie works best when it is a light, go for broke comedy, as that is when the over the top humor shines, but the film sinks when it tries to be a little serious. This is most evident in the romance thread, which stalls the entire movie at times and seems so out of place, like it was forced in to make the picture less random. If you replace the romance side plot with more ridiculous humor, the pace would pick up and to me, Deuce Bigalow would be a much more fun, kinetic experience. There are some laughs to be had here however, especially if you like colorful humor and Adam Sandler’s crew, as this movie follows the usual Happy Madison style approach.

This is an R rated comedy about male prostitutes, but Deuce Bigalow keeps the smut to a minimum, so little nakedness is seen. A couple of bare man asses is all the sleaze, so all the sex talk is just that, talk. The movie does bless us with Bree Turner leaning into a fish tank to showcase her wet nipples, but through the shirt doesn’t count, though we do appreciate the effort. No blood. The movie has mild violence like pratfalls and such, but aside from a prosthetic leg popping off, there’s no blood or real violence to be seen in this picture. The dialogue is one of the movie’s strongest assets, as the writing is over the top and even random at times, which leads to some humorous moments. A number of quotable lines are found here as well, so it is a shame the romance thread soaks up so much time here. The colorful characters involve ensure the lines work better than they should, with small roles played by such folks as Amy Poehler, Norm MacDonald, and a personal favorite of mine, Richard Riehle. On the craziness scale, the colorful characters, ridiculous dialogue, and random touches help put some points up, but the movie never goes fully off the deep end, just over the top.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 4/10

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