Plot: Michael Delaney (Jerry O’Connell) and Kyle Brenner (Jake Busey) are best friends & leaders of the Tomcats, a band of single guys who love to live the wild life. That means lots of booze, parties, and of course, sex with as many women as possible. But when one of their own takes the plunge and gets married, the last six Tomcats make a bet, with the last single man deemed the winner. Each puts a thousand bucks into a mutual fund and as times passes, that sum will grow and grow, perhaps to massive proportions. As the years roll by, the Tomcats get married one by one, until Michael and Kyle are the final bachelors of the bunch. In Las Vegas for one of the weddings, Michael tries to impress a woman by rolling the dice, but instead ends up deep in debt to a real legbreaker of a casino boss (Bill Maher). If Michael wants to keep his life, he needs to cook up a plan to win the bachelor’s bet, which means he has to make sure Kyle gets hitched. But can he come up with a feasible plan in just a single month and if so, will things go according to plan or backfire in his face?

Entertainment Value: Tomcats was one of countless sex comedies that were released in the wake of American Pie and while it is no comic masterpiece, it has some have some good laughs and pushes boundaries a little more than most. The story starts off with the usual jerks trying to get laid routine, then shifts a little when Michael has to find a way to win the bet and chases down Kyle’s old flame. This is still all fluff, but the multiple threads allow for more colorful characters and interactions between those characters, so it works out to spread the narrative around. Tomcats never tries to do more than earn a few laughs however, so if you need a deep plot or character development arcs, this isn’t the movie you want. But at least this one tries to up the ante with the wildness and goes to some wacky places, not the least of which involves David Ogden Stiers devouring a severed testicle. Now your appreciation for Tomcats will depend on how you feel about crude, sex driven, and lowbrow humor, as that is what the picture serves up in heaping doses from start to finish. But I think the eclectic cast and bursts of gonzo humor help this one rise above the pack a little. So if you like over the top sex comedies, give Tomcats a shot.

This movie doesn’t often hold back with the outlandish humor, but despite the focus on sex, Tomcats is tame when it comes to female flesh. A couple of brief topless shots are all the film has to offer, though one outtake in the credits offers bare breasts, so stick around for that. I do think it is odd that we have so much male ass in this kind of sex comedy and so little naked women, but it is what it is. No blood. The movie has some mild violence and does include a manic chase after a severed testicle, but no gore or blood soaked incidents are found here. The dialogue is as brash and crude as you’d expect, with rampant sexist remarks, sex jokes, and other over the top elements, so some solid stuff here. Jake Busey plays a good douche here and supplies some fun lines, while Heather Stephens as a kinky librarian also stands out as memorable. As for craziness, Tomcats does raise the bar a little more than most of its peers, but never really goes full gonzo outside of a few short bursts. I admire the effort though and at least it isn’t as tame as some others in the genre.

Nudity: 1/10

Blood: 0/10

Dialogue: 5/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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