Plot: Sean (Daniel Doheny) has just returned home after some time in Germany, so he can’t wait to have some fun with his friends, the always horny Donnie (Luke Spencer Roberts) and the fun, but dim Jeremy (Eduardo Franco). As the group packs up to head into the woods for a weekend of good times, alcohol, and nature, Jeremy reveals that the excursion has gained two more participants. His sister Becky (Geraldine Viswanathan) and her friend Sarah (Sadie Calvano) are last minute additions and while there’s some initial push back, the group is soon on the road and headed into the middle of nowhere to rough it up. The girls add some intrigue to the trip, as Sean has long had a crush on Becky and Donnie and Sarah have kind of a past too, more or less depending on who recalls the stories. The plan is to have some drinks, party it up, and see what happens, at least until Jeremy suffers a most intimate loss…

Entertainment Value: This Netflix movie has a simple premise, as the hunt for a severed penis and the hope of reattachment drive the narrative, a concept the movie sticks with until the bitter end. So while the movie veers into side threads and covers more ground than just that premise, the fate of the penis is ever present and not just a humorous hook to reel in potential viewers. The movie’s sense of humor is what you’d expect from a teen comedy about a lopped off penis, so expect a lot of sex jokes, crude references, and of course, gross out humor. This feels like a distant relative of the American Pie movies, but with of an emphasis on the shock value of sexual humor and less time spent on coming of age moments. The Package still has some growing pains and awkward youth touches of course, but despite some attempts to shoehorn in teen romance, this one is much more about outrageous moments. The cast is better than the script, which means the writing is elevated by the performances and Geraldine Viswanathan is the standout, with a lot of charisma and charm in her effort here. The Package is just a basic low brow teen comedy, but it does offer some solid laughs and colorful moments.

The movie centers on a lost penis and involves a lot of sex jokes, but The Package is all talk and no action in the sleaze department. The prosthetic penis is played for laughs and is shown often, but it is like seeing a rubber foot in a b movie, so it is never realistic or even a little believable. A porn is shown on a television at one point, but otherwise, no skin on showcase here. No real blood, though we do have the severed organ shown throughout the movie. The actual removal sequence is non graphic and the slice & dice isn’t seen on screen. Some mild violence unfolds, mostly pratfalls and roughhousing, but no real bloodshed or gore to speak of. The dialogue is never subtle or subversive, but it does provide some laughs and outlandish moments. The humor is rooted in basic sex jokes and some shock value attempts, but given the wild premise involved, the writing is surprisingly restrained and plays it too safe. I would have loved a more go for broke style, to give the cast some craziness to work with. As for raw craziness, the concept is a wacky one and there is some colorfulness to the movie, but it is way too tame and safe to rack up serious points. A couple of the gross out humor moments push things a little, but not in creative or memorable ways. The weirdest sequence involves another penis related mishap and if the entire movie was as over the top as that series of exchanges, the score would be much higher.

Nudity: 0/10

Blood: 1/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 3/10