Plot: Kris (Ashley Laurence) has inherited the contents of an old house, so she and some friends head there to look for interesting or valuable curios, since after all, any manner of treasures could be inside. The local historical society is soon to take ownership of the house itself, but as it turns out, Kris’ family has a long history with the location, one that involves the supernatural. One of her ancestors had imprisoned a warlock within the grounds, but an incident with some clogged pipes leads to the release of the Warlock (Bruce Payne). Soon after, an architect arrives and unbeknownst to Kris and her friends, he is a new manifestation of the ancient warlock. As the warlock blocks the safeguards taken to protect Kris, he then sets his sights on claiming her as a sacrifice, but can she defeat him as he ancestor was able to?

Entertainment Value: This third and final Warlock installment feels like an unrelated movie that was graced with the Warlock title as a marketing tool, as it has little to no connection to the first two movies. The absence of Julian Sands and the Warlock lore elements are drawbacks, but The End of Innocence does have some b movie charm and ridiculous touches. The craziness isn’t even close to Warlock: Armageddon, but I do think there are some fun moments here and while it is the weakest volume of Warlock, fans of the series should have a few laughs. Bruce Payne steps into the Warlock role and while he is no Julian Sands here, he provides a decent villain and hams it up, so he is fun to watch in most scenes. I do wish he would have dialed up things up even more, as the tone here is so b movie, so an even more over the top performance would have been a positive in this case. Ashley Laurence and Boti Bliss have humorous roles as well, but the cast as a whole doesn’t embrace the cheese, which is a downside. In the end, Warlock III is by far the worst of the Warlock franchise, but it has some sparks of fun and for series devotees, is worth a look.

A few topless scene are featured in this one, including a couple that part of a hellish vision, which is always a bonus. The movie teases some light bondage inspired kink, but doesn’t deliver beyond that slight tease. Which is a shame, as the movie could have used a boost of sleaze or at least another interesting element, given how forgettable much of the film is. This one doesn’t have much bloodshed, but we do get some throat trauma and assorted other minor bits of crimson. Again, perhaps some wild deaths might have helped the movie stand out, as the little violence we are given here is rather basic and unmemorable. The dialogue is likely the movie’s best asset, as it does have some wacky and terrible lines at times. The mystical talk is often hilariously awful, as is the 90s lingo that permeates the script. That’s not to say Warlock III is loaded with wild dialogue, however. As for craziness, aside from the sometimes goofy dialogue, there’s not much wackiness to mention here. Just some light b movie elements here and there, otherwise not much stands out as memorable.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 2/10

Dialogue: 3/10

Overall Insanity: 2/10

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