Plot: Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) is a high school girl who feels isolated and withdrawn, but she comes to life in her fantasies of blood soaked surgical procedures. She is obsessed with the medical techniques, but she hides her desires deep within, though she thinks that might be her problem. At the same time, her mother (Traci Lords) pretty much ignores her in order to care for her younger sister, who is dying from cystic fibrosis. At school, Pauline is an outcast with no social life, but she has intense sexual desires, involving both a classmate and her surgical obsession. She begins to think that if she is able to unleash the blood soaked fantasies into the real world, she will find her true self at last. But if she allows her obsession to consume her real life, will her problems be solved or will she simply discover a wealth of new ones?

Entertainment Value: This is a wild one. Excision blends teen drama with pitch black humor, a severe medical fetish, and buckets of gore, with wildly entertaining results. While marketed as a horror movie, Excision doesn’t provide a lot of scares in the usual ways, instead it is more of a slow, twisting mind game. There is ample blood on showcase, sometimes in horrific scenes of medical procedures, so those who can’t take the red stuff might be uncomfortable. What I think drives Excision however is the sense of humor, which is as dark as you could want. The humor isn’t forced, but it comes off as awkward due to how black the tone is. Pauline is also such an odd, awkward presence, which intensifies the humor here. I think it works quite well, but I have seen where others didn’t share that opinion. Another positive for this film is the performance of AnnaLynne McCord, who simply shines in this eclectic role. She is the heart of the movie, but the cast is loaded with talent, with Ariel Winter, Malcolm McDowell, Marlee Matlin, Matthew Gray Gubler, Traci Lords, and John Waters on hand, plus some other familiar faces as well. So if you’re a fan of medical horror or genre films with a dark sense of humor, Excision is recommended.

This one has an intense sexual vibe, often manifested through Pauline’s obsession with medical related bloodshed, but aside from some brief topless scenes, there’s not much in terms of nakedness. But we do get a great scene where she makes a guy down on her, with a blood covered face as his reward. The movie does have a good amount of blood and while most is via medical related elements, it still packs a nice punch and splashes the red around. The procedures are eerie and have immense creepiness, so the blood is just a crimson cherry on top. So expect incisions, organ removal, and similar medical oriented visceral elements, while a self performed abortion might be the movie’s most memorable moment. There’s also a lot of blood in non violent fantasy elements, as Pauline is indeed obsessed with the red stuff. The dialogue is a mix of wild, over the top lines from Pauline and some general mean girl talk from her rival, with some family drama from time to time. So there’s some fun stuff here and the movie’s dark sense of humor is well executed. The craziness scale tilts for Pauline, as she is a strange lead and is always doing something awkward or bizarre, while the eerie medical elements also contribute to the score.

Nudity: 2/10

Blood: 7/10

Dialogue: 6/10

Overall Insanity: 5/10

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